Lanier Report , 6-13-15

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Lanier is 3/4 of a foot down now and the surface temps are around 80-82 deg. The water is clear as you would expect for us in June

Was out all last week and fishing was excellent. Had some great trips all week with some very typical patterns working all over the south end of the lake

Early in the days, the topwater bite for stripes has been pretty good. We have been catching small to medium sized stripers on points and humps on a couple different top water baits like a Vixen or Spook as well as a Chug Bug. Our best bait for the stripers early has been the Bull Herring swimbait. We have been working that bait over the schools of fish and bringing them up to crush it.

As the day progresses, the spotted bass have been taking over on the Top water baits as well as a few others. The vixen has done the best for me on Top Water but our best bait for the bigger spots this week has been swimming the 3/8oz Green Pearl jig out over the brush and structure. We had this bite last summer and it is rolling into this year. I will do a SpotSticker report today to explain a little more what we are doing with this jig..

After we pepper them with the top water and swim jig, we have been hitting them on bottom with a 3/8 ounce Green Craw and Green Pumpkin Craw jig as well as the new SpotSticker hand pour on a drop shot. The drop shot has been Ok this week but not excellent. It should pick up this next few weeks as the sun starts to get the water in the mid 80's.

I had one morning where I did my first spottail trip of the year and as you might expect, it was awesome. Tyler and Tanner put a hurting on a couple dozen big spotted bass Friday morning on the lower end in just a few short hours. These are always my favorite trips of the year.

Thanks so much for everyone taking trips with me this year and using my products. It has been a great year and I appreciate your business very much.