Lanier Report 8/24/2018

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I finally got out on the lake for more than just an hour or two today. First time in a while. It's still tough out there but things are looking up. I was able to call up a few with the topwater today and busted a few on the spybait. Topwater worked on main lake points this morning and spybait over brush counted for 3-4 fish. No drop shot fish today although I did drop on a lot of fish, they just wouldn't commit to what I was dropping. Water temps were 80 at 9am and 82 when I left at 4pm. I think the topwater bite is just a couple weeks away from the way things are look. I saw threadfin bait balls suspended in the creek which I usually start seeing in late summer/early fall. Soon these bait balls will make there way to the surface in the evenings and early morning. That's when the topwater starts getting good in the creek.

On another note, I met Jeff Reed from LakeMaster out on the lake yesterday. He's going to be on the lake for the next month or two doing a pretty cool project for LakeMaster. It will be a cool addition to the LakeMaster product in the near future.
Here's a pic of my 2 biggest out of 6-7 fish yesterday.
Wow----Thanks for the report. I sure appreciate it!

Lanier Jim

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Jeff's a good dude. He stored his boat over here for a few days last week. He's got some serious water to cover for the mapping!
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Jeff's a good dude. He stored his boat over here for a few days last week. He's got some serious water to cover for the mapping!
I was fishing a underwater point and I seen him coming down the shoreline. I didn't know who he was and I was getting ready to give him a verbal beat down for cutting between me and the shoreline. I remembered the pic of his boat you posted and we started chatting. That boat looks like it's seen a few big rocks while mapping. We chatted for a while and he told me the reason he was here. I gave him a emerald popper and told him he needed to throw that while he was working and ran across surfacing fish. He wanted to do a little topwater fishing when it cools off a little more and I told him I'd take him out fishing while he was here and the topwater gets better.

Lanier Jim

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Cool Beans....he's a good dude. He's going to be here a while...he told me it might take 2 months! Man - he caught some toads on the Chic not long ago...I think one went 13 lbs.
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what is Jeff doing that would be any different than what lakemaster has out now?

What are these additions you speak of?
Tarp, I think he's doing more graphing with the lake at full pool but he's also working on a project that should provide us Humminbird users with a new option. That's all I can say. Jeff swore me to secrecy.