Lanier report wednesday

striper slug

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Well the water temp was 75, fished out of old federal from 2 to about dark.
No schooling activity and it was pretty windy with a lot of chop.
Lake was kind of deserted, only about three trucks in the parking lot.
No fish caught and didnt see any striper boats in the area?
Im just getting back into striper fishing,


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Actually saw a big school working out in front of the dam on my drive home from work the other night.

I poked around a bit down South over the weekend, but never really found them. There seemed to be a lot more bait, and activity out at the mouth of the creek. I did find some fish suspended in the 40-60ft range near a hump off of one of the bigger creek arms, but they didn't want to play. Things should be changing fast now that the water temps are dropping.


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I went out with capt Mack the other day to learn some u rig stuff. They haven’t moved up on the humps yet but we had a pretty good day



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It was cloudy and they seemed to be really spread out. Everything we caught was on the deepest end of points and out to the channel