Lanier - Running and Gunning to 22

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Out today on a full day trip with Justin and Lee. Talk about trash talking...and catching some fish - Wow! Justin and I went out last fall with a lot of success on the drop was a little different.

Now don't get me wrong...we boated 22 fish with a few good telling how many pulled off...but drop shot wasn't king today, it was a spybait and topwater day. Well, two topwater...4 on the drop shot...and the other 16 on the spybait.

First stop - Justin sticks a 7# striper on topwater...but overall, the day was a spybait day. Boy did we see some schools....just wouldn't commit to the drop shot in water under 25'....when we dropped in the 28'-30' range - we'd get hit.

Humps and points with steep ledges was the ticket. We'd throw on top on the areas then run the spybait along the ledge to get bites. I knew the fish would be a little active with the wind...just had to find them.

Around 1pm....we only had 9 fish. I told Justin and Lee..."it's time to get after it hard the next 3 hours"....and boy did those two turn it up. We started sticking fish at most every stop with Justin and Lee exchanging blows....headed to the last spot, we needed 3 to get to 20. Sure enough....3 spybait and and I stick a drop shot fish.

Sitting at 21 - I said "lets hit one more spot right around the corner because Lee wanted to stick another one on the drop shot. Pull up....Lee drops...."thump" - #22 in the boat.

What a fun day but we had to work and hit around 25 places to get the fish. Trash talking....the Russian judge gave us a 9! :) LJ


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