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Out on half day trip this morning with Spencer and Brett. The morning started slow but once the sun got up, the bite turned on. We concentrated on main lake humps and points with the spybait and drop shot.
Running and gunning....I figured out that fish were liking the 25'-30' range. We were on some serious schools too.

Spybait first over the tops of brush then eased in to drop shot. The Humminbird showed out again. Man - the Chirp units, when "tweaked" up, shows fish inside the brush....we could see them all morning...and loved seeing them "nose" down on our drop shots.

Candy, Chartreuse Shad, LJ's Obsession and Passion did the damage...the bite was either a tick or a serious thump. Ended the morning with 18 losing a couple more...with some good ones too. Tons of laughs today and Fruity Worms were on fire! Trips every day this week....hope to see you out there.



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Atta boy Jim... great catch fellas!
Looking good LJ. Heading out in a bit. See you out there....
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Lanier Jim

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I looked for luck. We went south for about 30 minutes then headed back mid-lake.
I was out there. I was in stealth mode today. I was looking in some new areas today. I did sneak into one of your holes after making a quick stop at pelican pete's and caught my biggest of the day. I won't say which spot it was but I'll bet you can guess. tuesday.jpg .
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You bum....yeah, I have a good idea