Lanier Striper Report - Urigs

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I have not been out as much as normal due to the weather all over the place but I have been doing pretty well when I turn to the urig. Been pulling 3 oz rigs with 9 jigs 120 ft behind the boat. It has not been uncommon to catch more than one at a time on the rig. Yesterday we had a triple on one rig. Most of the fish on the rig have been under 10 pounds but three 8 pders at a time is a good fight. After we catch some on the rigs we have been turning to the live bait. Live bait has been feast or famine so I have been trying to get on the board with the rig before turning over to the live bait. Hopefully this cold will push out of here and Spring begin to show up. I am ready for the big fish bite.
Lastly, I have to talk about my trip yesterday. Yesterday, I had new customer Cole in the boat. He is just 12 years old but an awesome angler. He came by himself and we had a great time catching stripes and spots. He wanted a fishing trip for his birthday. Wish we had more young guys like him. He was a true pleasure to fish with on the boat. See you guys on the pond,



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Love to take the young'uns, good job, spring can't get here soon enough. We have a couple of days of single digits coming.


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Very cool! Sure knew how to celebrate his birthday right.