Lanier Striper Update

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As others have posted the downline bite is here on Lanier. You can still catch a few on heavy free lines but the downline is the way to go. Been catching some good fish most days. Today was a little tougher on size for several reasons including the number of boats out. Been a long time since we have seen that many guides on the water.
Pics below are mostly from the last couple days except for the first three pics. Had to post the first pic from earlier in the week. Mrs. West informed me she had never fished one day in her life. Luckily, we boated her first striper ever and her first spotted bass ever. Really enjoyed the trip. The bite should continue to get better as more fish pull out deeper. Baseball and softball finished up today so hope to post a little more often now. Missing the ball with the kids already. See you out there,



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Good job.
He does a great job. A friend and I went with him a couple of weeks ago and had a blast and caught some good fish.