Lanier stripes 2/28/16

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Got into the first stripers of the year today with my good buddies Mike and King. We had just got our spread of downlines, planers, and freelines out when one of our planer board trout got hit. I was closest to the rod so they let me have it, a nice 10 lb to start the day with. From there, it was all blueback action. King got his first 10 lb of the day off of a single split shot freeline. Mike got in on the action with a 6 lb stripe on a non-weighted freeline. King ended the day for us with another 10 lb striper on a downlined blueback 15 feet over 40 foot bottom.


Great sun set catch! Love this time of year watching stripes blowing up on swim baits and planer boards!
Thanks, it didn't blow up until I set the hook. Just the standard night time nibble nibble of sucking in passing bait like a green fish would.