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Lanier Jim

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Out today with Bennett to do some spooning and dropping. Got started around 8am and caught a couple early on the spoon. In one of the pictures - Bennett's holding a toad and one guppy. I caught the guppy :) After a couple of hours north - we headed south only to be ran under a dock by a cold rain. There we sat for 30 minutes or so eating crackers and jerky. Rain finally stopped and we were off again. I told Bennett - "we need the sun to come out"....sure enough, it popped out for a little while and the bite got hot.

I found the fish in 42' - 48' and some of the mega schools I've mentioned showed up. There were several doubles and throwing fish in the livewell so we could get back in the water with our baits. We did fizz most fish and all were released to fight another day...and grow bigger the way they've been eating!

The Herring color is on fire right now in Pencil, Lil Meaty, or Stix worm and in the 5" finesse worm, Spot Tail and LJ's Obsession are getting the rod yanked down....they're killing it!

Around 3:30 - we had 24 in the boat with some serious tanks. We lost 3-4 the we had on but they didn't make it to the we wanted #25 by 4pm. We pull in to a ditch....drop down...and I stick one on the drop shot in 48' of water....get her 10 feet from the boat and she pulls off...Bennett and I both cussed....the day ended at 4pm with 24 in the boat.

Fun day for sure...and boy, as soon as the sun peaked out - the fish came alive. Dang I love Lanier. LJ


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Lanier Jim

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Hey Jim, you fizz your fish on the side or down the mouth ??
Right down the throat in the middle of those two pink muscles.

Thanks guys....they were fun pulling out of deep water.