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Got on the water around 9am around 2pm. I only had two fish on moving baits....the rest on the drop shot. Ended up with around 15 fish on "Fruity Worms" big girls...most just solid 2# spots. I assume the early bite is on moving baits.

I hope someone is having some topwater fun - I'm not yet. Now - when I got home, the puppy "Lily" was eating....her usual way is to lay down next to the bowl and eat laying down. I tell you - this girl is one funny dog. LJ



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Nice! Hope to hook a few this coming weekend. Keep it up!
If you don't mind me asking a newbie question, what are the three depth measurements on your fish finder? I see 15.0, 19.8, and 18.2. I was thinking about getting a helix 7 or 9 and I'm trying to learn as much about them as I can before buying. Thanks.


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the top bar shows info for where the cursor is placed on the screen. the 18.2 ft in the left corner is actual depth at the time of the pic
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Lets see.....The depth on bottom left is real's the depth I was at when I took the pic (18.2). The unit will not stop tracking depth even if I stopped screen with the cursor. Top left is where the cursor was placed to stop screen. Just luck it was right at 15'. The 19.8 was the depth of water when I stopped the screen....8' is the distance I had drifted from the cursor position. So, had I taken a picture right after I started the scrolling again, it would show the 18.2. If you'll notice the can see it slowing rising as it was scrolling from right to left. I'm pretty sure that's the answer - if I'm wrong...someone step in here. LJ