Lanier Trolling Report 5 September

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I thought the low pressure associated with the tropical system might produce a better day than it did. I guess that means the storm is further away than predicted - less windy and less cloudy also - a good thing. Our usual trolling techniques only managed 4 fish in 5 hours, a bit disappointing since we've been averaging close to 2 fish an hour since July. Michigan Stinger Spoons produced 3 of the 4 fish, with the fourth on a small Xrap splashed orange.

It was a nice day on the water and I was marking tons and tons of fish and bait at our trolling depth (20 ft) on the Lowrance. We usually catch more fish when we're running this spread of lures right through them. Most of the fish and bait were in the upper reaches of Flat Creek and Balus Creek - not so narrow that we can't turn the boat around trolling 4-6 lures 100 feet back, but close. Most fish were suspended in 60-90 feet of water. LDB w Bass 5 Sept.JPG
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Need a freakin’ submarine!
It's not to hard to put lures 20 ft down in Lanier. A variety of techniques will work - jet divers, Dipsey Divers, heavy umbrella rigs, lead core, copper line, and down riggers. We use Dipsey Divers (and Walker Deeper Divers) because they can be set to pull out to each side in addition to pulling down.

The horizontal separation they provide is key to running 6 lines out total (three on each side). Depth is controlled by the amount of line out.

30 feet and deeper is harder in Lanier. It can be done with Dipsey Divers down to 40 feet without too much fussing, but once you get much deeper than 25 feet down trolling, it is much harder to stay out of snags and hang ups.