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Lanier Jim

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Out today for a half day this morning with David...a "Drop Shot Jedi in Training". He wanted to learn to drop shot and read sonar better. Mission accomplished.

Early - we threw topwater and swimbaits with a few rolls on the the sun got up a little...we started hitting brushpiles with a spybait and drop shot. Caught a couple of fish on the spybait....but as the sun kept getting up higher...we went to drop shot so David could see what video game fishing was all about.

David picked up on it quick....and he and I started boating fish while running and gunning humps and brushpiles. A few piles were loaded while others were naked. While searching - I showed David how my map, DI, and 2D all work together to see fish...and I've got admit - it was pretty cool seeing the fish on the screens then turning around to drop on them and seeing "sketti" all over the screen.

Early - it was Herring and Blue Lily....but as the sun got up good...Candy, Sweet Rosey, and Blue Lily shined out big time. They were "thumping" those colors.

Ended the few hours with 12 in the boat...and as I headed back to my dock after dropping off David at Port Royale - I boated 3 more on one standing tree in Chestatee 15 was the number. I even sent David a pic or two just to rub it in some
Fun time for sure David...I'm glad you enjoyed the morning. LJ


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Lanier Jim

Senior Member game fishing is addicting...just a warning :) The customer today got hooked early in the trip when he saw the "sketti" on the screen and caught fish.
Looking good LJ. I've been whacking them on that Blue Lilly worm on the last 3 trips. It's been a lock.
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Lanier Jim

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Thanks dude