Lanier - Windy and Chewing....But....

Lanier Jim

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Out on a half day trip with Jeff and Tiffany. What a fun couple and Tiffany can fish! First stop, Jeff makes a cast and gets a little birds nest....he picks it out and a fish hits! We kept moving and fishing in a strong wind. We were the hit and lose triple threat today.

Nothing really on topwater except for Jeff's fish...we started throwing swimbaits and a spybait a little...and yes, we picked up the drop shot. We lost 5-6 fish that we had hooked but pulled they were playing with us. Hooked 8 fish and only got 2 in the boat...not a good catch ratio. We would have had a nice bag if we could have boated those fish. That's fishing...

Pulled up on one waypoint...Tiffany drops down and up comes a fish. Her first drop shot fish...and we made sure it looked bigger for the camera. We even did the selfie thing while running down lake...and Jeff was being pelted with rain! Tiffany and I had consoles

Just snake bit today...hook a fish and it would pull off. Great fun though...a ton of laughs and just a fun couple to fish with. We're planning on going again soon.

On another note - I think I have my stacked Helix 7's dialed in. LJ


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Nice pics LJ. It was just to windy out there for me but I guess the fish didn't care.

Lanier Jim

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I've got trips 6 of the next 7 days. This cool weather should really turn them on...wind, no wind....if they won't come up, we'll go down and drop on them!