Lanier - Windy and Cold

Lanier Jim

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Out today on a scouting trip and had some company to ride along and fish a little. Earl joined me with his new cold gear....and if it were cloudy, he would have blended in and the fish wouldn't have seen him...heck I might not have seen him
Windy and cold!

Found fish in several new ditches...and they were deep! Bait was loaded up in 55'...I mean slap full...right on the bottom. When I saw this - with nothing really moving in the water column - I figured the fish were glued to the bottom.

Sure enough - we fished the Drop Shot, Damiki Rig, and Spoon right on the bottom. The DS, I had about a 10" tag end and since most of this bait are small threadfin, The Runt was my choice on the DS in Blue Lily and Natural Shad....I even used one on the Damiki for a while. Caught two back to back - decent fish too.

Ended the day with 6 in the boat with a few good ones...not bad considering we rode and idled most of the time. Always a fun time with Earl...he ain't level


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Papa Bear

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Nice ones on a cold day! I guess I'm a fare weather fisherman now, but like to see you brave guys forge on! ?

Lanier Jim

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Get your cold gear on...find some deep ditches that have bait in them...and spoon or drop shot on them. You'll love fishing with no boats out there


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I agree with Jim so nice and peaceful on the lake this time of the year. Plus it's fun ripping some lips with a spoon lol


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Glad you and Earl found a few LJ. Please send your new waypoints....LOL