Lanier - Windy but Fun!

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Lanier Jim

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Out today on a short 4 hr trip with Allen, a youngster from Jefferson High fishing team. Windy would be an understatement....crankbait, shakey head, and the drop shot did the damage with LJ's Dawn and LJ's Obsession colors. Ended up with 10 fish with our best 5 going 15# - 16#. No monsters but most bites were good fish. Today would have good for a spinnerbait but I didn't have one in the a dummy. We would cast over rock piles and brush...then ease in and drop on them.

Hope to see you out there - LJ


Nice catches,,,, was gonna get out yesterday also,,,, but like you said too windy,,,, and cold up here,,,, congrats,,,,


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Jim thanks for making the investment of time in the future of our sport...Great job fellas:cool:
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Lanier Jim

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More than welcome Worley....good kid with a lot of laughs.

95g atl

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nice pics, thx for sharing.
I too was going to be on Lanier yesterday, but the wind kept me from doing so.
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Lanier Jim

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The wind is your times :)

Papa Bear

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Nice ones LJ! You are the man when a dropshot rod is in your hand! Good to see ya helping the young anglers learn your craft.
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Thanks Papa....the young ones catch on quick since it's video game fishing :)