Lanier - Windy, Rain, Cold, Big Fish!

Lanier Jim

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Out on a half day trip with Robert and his son Hunter today. Y'all saw the weather and know the conditions...turnover still going on...cold and misty to light sprinkle...and big fish eating. Robert and I have tried to get on the water multiple times and were finally able to make it happen today.

We concentrated on calmer areas but did have to get in the wind some....and folks, it was a wet cold! The keys today were dropping on schools we found in 25' -30' and watching the surface for boils. You know how it goes....the worse the weather, the better the fish for size...and today was the same.

The drop shot with Fruity Worms and swimbaits were the ticket. Yeah, we had a lot of window shoppers but when we got the hits, it was a good fish.

Ended up with 10 fish in the boat and lost another 2-3 we had on trying to get out of each others way :) Fish were stacked in some areas but we had to hunt them. I tried not to run and gun too much because Robert and Hunter were getting hypothermia when running :)

Fun time for 5 went around 17# - 18# anchored by a 2.81kg largemouth (Yeah, couldn't get my scale off kilograms...converted, it's 6.2#'s. This fish was a thick as it was long...healthy! This fish boiled and Hunter made a perfect cast with his swimbait..."Boom"! I couldn't get pics of all the big fish due to weather and phone...but I got enough.

Great to meet these time and they hung in there with the weather and already looking to go again towards the end of November. Look at the smile on Hunters face holding the big girl. LJ


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Nice fish!

I was on Sinclair from 6 til 12:30 (I think) and I still haven't fully warmed up. I caught 2 small keepers and my fishing partner caught 3 keepers and 1 short fish. We saw a few other people out, but only saw one other boat catch fish. They were drop shotting and caught 3 or 4 tiny bass in around 25' water. One of the guys was fishing from the passenger's seat.....I guess he was too cold to sit in the back not to mention stand up.

Lanier Jim

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I have a buddy who's elderly father drop shots from the passenger seat and has caught some toads!


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Looks like a nice trip LJ, congrats!. I see that hat Hunter is wearing. Probably brought y'all some class and good luck in that boat.


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Aside from the weather, I had the exact opposite day.

Put the 'yak in down South about 9AM, and went until I the cold and wet got the better of me. Pulled minnows on weighted flat lines / boards. Had a lot of action, but almost all short fish. I dragged one of those little spots for probably a half mile before noticing. Did nab one decent largemouth, maybe 16-18" and healthy looking. Pretty much everything else was in the 8-12" range. Finished with about 8, and missed a few more before I packed it in to go dry out and warm up.

Found them mostly on points and humps. Don't know if y'all saw the same, but I noticed that when I found them, I really FOUND them. It'd be blank screen, blank screen, blank everywhere. Need to get an SD for the 'Bird so I can get some screenshots, would've had a couple of good ones yesterday.

The Gulls have showed up, which was nice to see, but the stripers are still few and far between in my neck of the woods. That was a little disappointing, but I'm sure they'll be along. Surface temps were 62-63 pretty much everywhere I went. Not a bad day, if you could tolerate the weather.

Lanier Jim

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Looks like a nice trip LJ, congrats!. I see that hat Hunter is wearing. Probably brought y'all some class and good luck in that boat.

Blah, blah, blah.....the wife made me let the hat in the boat. I think the exact words were "no hat, no dinner". :biggrin3: