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On the water early with Rory today. Started out by having to call a buddy to see if he was on water and had another life vest! I left the house and jumped in Rory's boat but forgot my LV. Jimmy was clutch and he and Mitch met us to help out. Now to fishing....

We worked swimbaits most all day. One place, fish were on top and a big Striper hit my swimbait....Rory grabs the net....then sees the fish still on top and just drops the net at my feet and says "do it yourself, the fish are still schooling". Well, a little different wording but you get the point :) He didn't even take a picture for me...I had to take a selfie holding the Striper.

We kept chunking and winding swimbaits all morning...Rory picked up a jerkbait in the wind and 3rd cast, a solid spot hits.

Nothing on topwater again...kind of weird. Ended up boating 10 spots and 2 Stripers. We figure best 5 around 15#. The bite just died again around 10:30 again...I mean, it's like someone just flipped the switch. Hey - NO drop shot in the hand today...didn't even bring mine.

Be careful out there....early this morning, we saw a 30' log floating on the main lake...a big log...not a long stick. When backing down the trailer for him...I noticed one ugly key on his key chain. LJ


Looking good LJ. Thanks for the "on the water" repair call yesterday!
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