Large Savage markups at Bass Pro?


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The current shortages are an opportunity to raise prices.
It’s the American (capitalist) way.
The net result may be a reduction in demand that allows production to catch up.


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200 bucks more plus they come all scratched up....

you should see the 2k-3k o/us, winchester featherweights, etc all scratched up in Macon because they throw them all in a cart on top of each other every nite.
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I know the MSR was 1200, and now is 1400. The ultralite was 1200 and is now 1400 as well. The long range msr was 1800 I think. Now 2k. I dont pay close enough attention to the other brands to compare.


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It's all about the increase in costs in the supply chain. A manufacturer may temporarily raise prices above the increase in costs, but the capital market place will always win and for prices back to market value.