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My wife surprised me with a power press for Christmas. I went to put it together and the bolt/housing connecting the motor to the shaft was stripped out. I called Last Chance and let me tell you, they are the nicest people you could ever ask to deal with. First, Noelle was just as polite as could be and Justin, their tech, no questions asked sent me a new motor. He admitted that they had a bad batch get out and is sending me a new motor. I went ahead and upgraded to the foot pedal for a little bit more and he is going to install it before it ships out. I'm always hearing Customer Service horror stories, so I thought I would share one good one from a Georgia company. Now I still have to get the press up and running, but I am very pleased so far with how they handled this.


I had a very similar experience with Last Chance last year. My power press laid down on me and after talking to the tech dept. they sent me literally every new part I needed to completely rebuild the press including the electronic box that had quit working. Like you, I experienced trouble with the screw portion staying locked into the main housing and 3 different times the thing just simply came apart. I was afraid to even put a bow in it and was for all intents and purposes, dead in the water. I called the tech dept again and this time got Leon Pittman. Talk about a man that knows his stuff, this guy gives new meaning to intelligent and was a gentleman to boot. I explained everything the press was doing to him and he advised me to send everything back to them and they would go through it and let me know what they found. That was on a Wednesday when I sent everything back to Pendegrass from Woodstock. While I was out picking up a bow from a client on Friday, just 2 days later, I got a call from Leon and simply said, Randy, I've got your press fixed. I told him how much I appreciated it and asked when he thought he would be sending it back to me and he said, I'm here at your shop with it right now, thought I'd bring it back personally and make sure it was working to your satisfaction....I just about passed out. I was a good 20 minutes or more from the shop and Leon Pittman is sitting in my drive with the newly repaired press that He took the time and gas to personally deliver to me just so he could make sure I was satisfied with it and to meet me and see my shop. Man, I turned around and made that 20 min. trip back to the shop in about 10. I was stunned and humbled to the core that this man, who runs a huge successful business, would take the time to drive all the way from his business to personally deliver my press. I don't think I have ever been so impressed with anyone in my life. He did this for a man he'd never met when he didn't have to just to make sure I was happy with the repair job. I'm proud to be a dealer for Last Chance Archery and to be a part of such a class act of people who aren't too proud or busy to go out of their way to help one of their clients. My camo cap is off to Leon Pittman and Last Chance. They make some of the most unique products in archery today including the very best, most adjustable, state of the art bow presses money can buy. Thanks so much to the entire LCA team and especially to Leon Pittman. They don't make em like these guys anymore.
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Update... The whole new motor with the foot press wired up came in this morning. CAUTION - gently back the bolt holding the bolt to the shaft before you do anything. I backed mine out, cleaned some little spurs off the bolt and eased it back in. I think that if I would have just gone to tighten it down it would have stripped just like the last one. Put it all back together and so far, so good. My old PSE Nova for bowfishing is now in 100 pieces...

Crazybow I'm glad to hear you had a similar experience with Last Chance.


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I had a great experience today, I called and Noelle answered, I explained that the motor was making a noise and the gear was slipping. She said she understood and would take care of it, she said the parts would go out tomorrow. I ask, don't you need a credit card, no it's under warranty. Great customer service. That is something that is missing in American business today. Half the time when you call a company you get someone the that can't speak or even understand English. Some of the big corporations should take some lessons some of there smaller counterparts.