Last Minute Opening (Crawford County)

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We just had a guy get out of the club due to a family medical emergency that just got in the club two weeks ago. We didn't think it would be right to make him stay in the club under the circumstances.

4000 acres, 23 members, NO private areas. 8pts or better with a 16" outside spread. Numerous club stands with food plots spread throughout the property. Powerlines, clear cuts, row pines, swamps/wetlands, oak draws around creeks. Club has generated power, a well, a couple of community campers that anyone can use on first/come first/serve basis. Campers and temporary structures welcome. Camp is about a mile off of the road. Club is located in Lizella/Musella area. Runs from Causey Road over to Ray Frost Rd. Pin-in/Pin-out

$1800 annual membership includes spouse and children under 18. Membership is allowed 2 bucks/1 doe (we work with Ga DNR biologist on these numbers) per year and 2 gobblers per year. All other game follows state law guidelines. Also have ducks on this property.

We know this is last minute and realize that most guys already have a club. Thought we'd post this just in case.

Call Donald Shearin @ 770-280-7554 for complete club rules or to see the property.