Late fall/winter vacation suggestions

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I have decided to get away for a vacation this year as it's been several years since I've have taken one.
I have plenty of vacation time that I must use before the year is out and it is approved for time in Sept, Oct and Nov in blocks of days ranging from 4 to as many as 8 days.
Although I haven't made any concrete plans, I can see myself loading up my pickup truck with camping gear, my kayak or jon boat and maybe my mountain bike. Of course, my fishing gear, tent, and favorite firearms too.
Now I've got another 4 days off that I must sched for sometime in December.
Being an outdoor person with a love for exploring new places, I want to get further away from what I could do on a weekend from my home in Coastal Georgia. I appreciate any suggestions on places or experiences that you consider special enough to recommend.


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I can suggest a lot of great places up here around north Georgia and western North Carolina but let me ask you this, are you interested in any backpacking or are you primarily looking to car camp with your truck and supplies all there at camp?


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the fish on west point should be wearing it out the end of oct. and into nov. topwater, spinnerbaits and rat-l-traps