Late October Spotted Bass Schooling on Lanier...

EZ Spin

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The weather has been awesome and I have been fishing several times a week but with my new job I have not been posting a lot. I have been 2-3 times a week and have only been doing half days due to my back and knee. Motorcycles have not been kind to me so it's been hard to stay over 5-6 hours but I am hoping for an epidural and a shot in my knee soon to help. Plus I really need to drop 50 pounds but enough about all that.
I have been seeing some of our forum members having awesome days when I have struggled so after hitting a couple of my regular areas without much success I decided to run some old haunts that I have not hit in a while. The drop shot caught a lot of fish but only small keepers. We finally ran into a main lake schooling pattern down in one of the lower lake creek mouths and it was on. We threw a lot of lures at the fish without much success. They were chasing blue back herring that were about 4-5 inches long and some of the surface action was incredible. I saw some 5-6 pound spotted bass that were exploding on herring on the surface and managed a nice limit once I figured out not to use a top water plug but to throw a SPRO McStick instead. They were creaming the McStick and most of the bites seemed to come from the bass swiping at the lure because they would have one hook in the mouth and another one some where on their sides. We would have culled some 3 pound bass yesterday if we had been fishing for money. The pattern was rock solid-When a boat passed by it seemed to spook the herring and they would get thrashed on the surface. A lot of us anglers get frustrated with boats or jet skis fly by with in casting distance but yesterday we actually wanted that to happen because that is when the fish would school on the surface. Those cabin cruiser wakes were not doing my knee any favors but the pain seemed to subside when the fish were schooling. When the water got smooth again the action would subside. We almost cranked up my Nitro and ran around in circles (I have done that in the past and it worked) but there was enough boat traffic to keep them biting. The fish we caught were beautiful and healthy and the water was so clear you could see them way down when the were hooked as well as when the were chasing blue backs. At one point I just held my rod down and watched as the spots schooled around the boat because the water was so clear you could see everything. I will be out again soon. The colors are changing and the fish are biting so it does not get much nicer than that!
God Bless!
Eric Aldrich.


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Awesome stuff!

It's a mixed blessing that I am so busy at work. This is my absolute favorite time of year to fish and I can't get out there. :(

I'll just live vicariously though you all for now.

Cletus T.

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Excellent report and excellent fat bellied fall spots!

Keep up the good work!

Lanier Jim

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Nice job to love it right now....and as a dropper, I look forward to November - February :) Love to find those deep water schooled up spots.



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Nice fishes Eric. Sorry about your back and knee...

If you figure out how to lose 40 or 50 lbs without starving yourself please send me a PM of how you did it. :O