Late season bear

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I’ve got some time off after Thanksgiving , Any tips for a late season hunt? Is that too late to get one? I hunted the first week of October and saw 9 bears. Couldn’t get the job done but still holding out hope. Any suggestions on what to key in on that late in the year would be helpful.
If you can find some acorns left that would be the place to be. Clover patches in the mountains would be next on my list. Warm afternoons will be your best bet at seeing one. I'm hoping I'll run across a big one before it's over.


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I’m curious as well as to how the bear activity will be over the next month. I read in years with poor mast production they will hunker down earlier than years with lots of acorns.


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This year, on the NF/WMA’s, low red oak ridges with hot sign <2500 ft with lots of laurel would be a strong bet. Maybe some clover fields, cut corn, etc, if you can find it. My mother n laws trash can got raided last night near Clarkesville at 1300 ft.


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Sunny days from mid-day on. If you can find food and cover on the south side of ridge you will be in a good area. The south side gets more sunlight this time of year and stay a lot warmer and the bears seem to like it. That is my go to when it gets cold.