Lathem Lately?

Good meeting you and other GONers today. The bite (for me) was sloooooooow. I caught two crappie, but stupidly lost a huge one at the boat when my net got tangled in a rod, and instead of just lipping the crappie aboard, I tried to flip him - and that 4 lb test loop knot popped - I lost the fish and my jig. Dumb.

Still beats settin' at home going "man I wish I was fishing right now". (y)

The goods news is, I have enough crappie fillets after this to have fish tacos tonight! :p
It was pretty crowded. Think I'll hunt for a few days and maybe try again Thursday.
Nice. I went today after the rain stopped and fished about 10:30-4PM. I only caught a couple crappie trolling curly tail jigs (blue ice color), so I let them go. Also caught and released a couple small bass on the jigs. The weather was perfect, cool and overcast with hardly any wind. I had the lake to myself all day until the afternoon, 2-3 other boats showed up.
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Y'all cost me some money today. Spy baits and Ned Rig jigs and baits. LOL. Amazon needs to deliver soon so I can give them a try.
Y'all cost me some money today. Spy baits and Ned Rig jigs and baits. LOL. Amazon needs to deliver soon so I can give them a try.
I believe it was you I met launching last Sunday. I was in flip-flops launching. What were those fishing boots you were wearing with the Stolquist waders? If it wasn't you please disregard.

PS you think YOU have some money in spybaits? Peep this, dude:
'Tweren't me RamblinWreck. I was fishing at my hunting club lake. I ordered a Jackall spy bait but just one to give it a try.
Sorry. He told me his handle, but I am so bad at remembering names .. Good luck with the lure - stay away from snags! I've hung at least 5 in Lathem res.
Was a tough day on our ol' fishin' hole - slow bite and windy. Couldn't catch a crappie, not even a bite, and I was even using shiners. Then a big bass ate one. The drag on my old 1960s Mitchell 408 wasn't up to it, and the 4 lb test popped. Threw another big shiner right back in there on another rod - boom, fish on. This time the line held 'cause I had the drag loose, and I caught this fatty, and he had my first hook in his mouth! That's never happened before. I let the fish go; it was obviously really hungry.
W wind 5 mph gusts to 22 tomorrow. I figure I can find a sheltered spot and fish anyway. Polypro undies, a good hat, my SealSkinz gloves, thermos of coffee..

.. I'll probably be cold anyway! I'm just going to jig for sac-a-lait until I get cold. They are in there somewhere!
Beautiful day, cold, but not too much wind, and it laid down in the afternoon. Tough bite again, only caught one small spot and one crappie, but the crappie was a slab. They are suspended deep, and scattered. Debating tomorrow's game plan... might just get me some shiners again. Only one other boat on the lake and he said he was still skunked when I left at 4.

Going to try it again tomorrow, minus the insanity: i.e. repeating the same experiment over and over and expecting different results. So no long line trolling tomorrow, gonna hunt 'em with the sonar and drop-shot a shiner down to 'em, or vertical jig.

ETA: a crown fell out while flossing my teeth last night - so I'm at the dentist instead of fishing. Hope they were biting for ya, Dank!
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See you there. Might get me some shiners from Hammonds if I get up early enough.