Learn flying this Tuesday and Thursday (Oct. 26 and 28) live via Zoom!

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Fly Tying 101 Online Edition!
Tuesday, Oct. 26 and Thursday, Oct. 28
7-9:30 p.m.

Have you ever wanted to learn to tie flies? Here's a great opportunity to do so...from the comfort of your own home...with the exciting online edition of Fly Tying 101: An Introduction to Fly Tying!

There is no charge to participate in this course!

In this course, you'll learn the basics of the fly tyers art, setting the stage for what is sure to become an activity you'll enjoy for years to come. We'll start with the basics and build a set of essential fly tying skills, creating some great flies for trout and panfish as we learn.

This course is also a great refresher for folks who already have some fly tying experience.

The course is family-friendly, and all are welcome. Join in on your own, or get together with some fly fishing friends and enjoy the course as a group!

ZOOM Log-in for both sessions: 860 0011 1211
Passcode: FlyTying (two capital letters, no space)

Here is a list of the materials that will be used in the class:

* Size 8 2XL or 3XL (Woolly Bugger-style) hooks
* Size 12 hook (dry fly style hook) standard length or 1XL

* 3/0 or Veevus 6/0 red
* 3/0 or Veevus 6/0 black

* Black standard chenille
* Green standard chenille
* Orange standard chenille
* "Ultra Chenille" (suitable for San Juan Worms) in red, pink, or burgundy

* Red yarn (baby blanket-type yarn)
* Pink yarn (baby blanket-type yarn)

* Black marabou
* Pink/orange marabou
* Woolly Bugger hackle feathers – A good way to get these is to get a “Woolly Bugger Pack,” which includes feathers chosen for this application. Color: I like natural grizzly (a gray/white barred feather) though other colors including olive, tan, or even solid black or olive will work too. Use specialty colors where appropriate for the fly you’re tying.

Straight-cut rabbit, regular width or narrow. Many colors (black, olive, tan, brown, chartreuse, firetiger, etc.) can be used.

* Gold- or silver-colored brass beads (to fit that size 8 Woolly Bugger hook)
* Glass beads (large) – included in the materials kit, but optional
* Bead chain (gold or silver color)

Other materials:
* Flash material
* Ribbing wire
* Foam sheet
* Stranded rubber leg material

Book for reference:
* "Fly Tying 101" by Steve Hudson

In addition to the tying materials, you’ll also need the following items in the “tools” category:

1) A tying vise
2) Fly tying scissors
3) A fly tying bobbin (this holds the thread spool while you tie)
4) A bobbin threader tool (inexpensive…and makes life easier!)
5) A half hitch tool (often sold as a set of three – also inexpensive, and sure to become a favorite tool!)
6) A spool of black tying thread (3/0 nylon or 6/0 Veevus)
7) A spool of red tying thread (3/0 nylon or 6/0 Veevus)
8) Some Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails clear nail polish (to use as head cement)
9) A small butane lighter
10) Optional but recommended: A fine-tip bottle for dispensing the head cement

Please feel free to share this with others in your circle of fly fishing friends. Remember, all are welcome and there is no charge!

If you have any questions about the course, please don't hesitate to drop me a note.

Thank you!
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Well, when we scheduled the online fly tying course, we didn't know the Braves were going to the World Series!

We will reschedule this class in a couple of weeks, and I hope you can be a part of it then!

I'll post details of the rescheduled class as soon as dates are set.

I look forward to seeing you then!

Meanwhile...GO BRAVES!

Be well --