Lease or Club Wanted...Come on people!


My brother and I are searching for a lease or club membership and have an option for another 3-4 responsible adults who may have an interest. We prefer a one year, longer term or seasonal lease - offering Big Game, Turkey, Upland Game Birds, Fishing and Camping availability …. Or any Combination .… WE are FLEXIBLE! The ideal location for us would be within a 175 mile radius of Jackson Co. GA. My group is willing to put in a few work days to improve property potential.

If any readers of this thread have an interest in being creative by COMBINING OUR EFFORTS in searching for a lease or forming a club - then let’s share ideas and come up with a plan. As for a lease, we stand a better chance getting something suitable to any budget constraints and quite possibly a more ideal hunter to land area ratio too.

If this strikes up anyone’s interest then let’s share our ideas and come up with a plan.

Interested? Respond to this thread or message me. Thanks.