Leaves thinning out!


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Heck yeah go get em. I wish I was still able to walk well enough to squirrel hunt. Spent many days looking up 👍
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First feist I've had. Smart little dog. She stalks them. sneaks through the woods like a cat. Maybe a little faster than a cat.lol
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That's true. I have hunted Mt Curs for about 30 years for coon, squirrel, and a few hogs. Really enjoyed them. Mostly hunt squirrel now and coon a few times each year. Got to thinking I don't need a 35-45 lb dog for squirrel. Feist are easy to keep. Hunt different but that's OK.
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I like them all. I've got a feist, a Mt cur and a Stehens right now. Life is too short for a fellow not to have a good dog. Good luck with her this season, post us some pictures if you get time.