Lee Ellis (Seek One Productions) Kills Another Monster

Congrats to Lee. Thanks for posting.

Congrats to Drew on another amazing rocking whitetail from last month posted on Instagram (seek1productions) & Facebook (Seek One Productions).

December 19, 2019

What a tough season it’s been for us, but it sure has turned around in the last week! Yesterday, Drew finished the two year story on his number one buck, Napoleon! This story is a little different than typical Seek One fashion. Napoleon lived on an 800 acre property surrounded by neighborhoods in the outskirts of the Atlanta suburbs. The last two years have been an experience learning how to hunt “big woods”, but yesterday all the hard work and persistence paid off. We can’t wait to share this one with everyone!

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Wow. Those last pics look much more modest than that first one.
I agree. It seems they use the old “extending the fish or rack as far as you can trick” on their first post of the bucks they kill to generate attention. Let’s be real. They are trying to build a following. Still great guys and great deer.
Congrats again to Lee on his rocking whitetail of the season posted this evening 3 hours ago on Facebook & 4 hours ago on Instagram. Appreciate posting the update with more photos. Let's include the social media details below.

Lee Ellis arrowed another buck of a lifetime from the Atlanta suburbs yesterday evening. This is getting cliche, but what a journey Lefty lead us on! 5 years of history, 2 years of hunting, and over 50 sits this season. The story is what we love about hunting giant suburban bucks, and Lefty did not disappoint! Every year we continue to learn how these mature bucks survive in little suburban wood lots with heavy hunting pressure. They see and smell everything and know when a single leaf is out of place. The game changer in this hunt was a decision to throw Lefty a curveball and put a ground-blind in an unlikely spot. About two weeks after the move Lefty began showing up on the Covert, first at night then finally during daylight. After patiently waiting for the right time, Lee capitalized on his first sit in the blind. Can’t wait to share the film on this one!

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Are those last 2 the same deer or did he buck out with those 2 hosses