Let’s See Your Retriever

This is Lady Bird Chase we call her Birdie I think this may be the last year she hunts. She got old on me quick
I know just how you feel Mr. Chase has turned 10 and this maybe his last one also. Cold weather and water cause him to be stoveup after a hunt but he still gives it his all.


Got a early 2 day goose season the 5&6th of Sept. so hopefully the new pup Tilly will follow in his footsteps.


Just hopin she enjoys her new job like he loved his.

Scratch will be 8 this year. Man does time fly! I'm fortunate to be able to take him to work with me so he's been at my side almost 24/7 since he was a pup. He's had some awesome retrieves for ducks, doves quail and even recovered a deer for me during bow season a couple of years back. He's also a great listener!



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I've never seen a steadier dog than Tiny.. unfotunately she tore her ACL and had the TPO surgery and never really got over it . She was an awesome dove dog but now she just has to lay around . She wants to hunt , just can't handle it. She's a daddys girl..i take her on a walk every morning and i'll carry a gun, usually 243 hoping for a coyote but she always knows which gun i have cause she'll always check it.. she knows a shotgun will include her


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Meet Riley, she's a 2 yr old English Cocker. One of the best gun dogs I've ever seen. We use her for hunting doves, ducks and marsh hens, which she flushes and retrieves. She's not only a great gun dog, but she's a great family dog as well. She can go straight from my son's bed to a duck hole and never miss a beat.

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Deke did pretty good for his first dove season. I brought him on two small shoots and twice just the two of us. Now it’s back to training until duck season.



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Jealous! Since my Boykin passed about 5 years ago, I haven't had the heart to get another dog. There are a lot of mornings these past 5 years I wish I had.

Oh and I ain't posting a picture of myself. It would scare all of these dogs. :rofl:


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FCAEF18D-0AA8-4BB5-A117-6946AE30DCB0.jpeg 6F37055A-6DC4-4D29-A4AC-F170A9A1EBA8.jpeg This is Dude. He’s a 5 1/2 year old rescue. He is quite possibly the dumbest dog I’ve ever been around but, his personality more than makes up for it. We rescued him at 8 months old from Huntsville Ala. He spent 23 hours a day crated in the kitchen of the people we got him from. He couldn’t even walk up stairs when we got him.
He can’t retrieve, doesn’t run, and is scared of 5 gallon buckets, but is the funniest dog I’ve ever had.