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Gonna be fun....

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Stacking them deep...



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Different year, same results . . 1980
Same thing said by every team that’s in the dumpster and that we’ve owned for the last 10 or 20 years.

tech. 4-16 last 20 — 41-68 OA

upper opelika jr cow college/barn
5-15 last 20

Sahkalina 7-13 last 20 —
19-52 OA

Vawls. 5-15 last 20

clempsum. 5-10 last 20 games — 18-42 OA

gatas. 4-6 last 10 — 53-44 OA
even after the lizard drought in the 90’s they still couldn’t overcome the OA W/L gap.

Even the great and mighty wizard of South Bend is 0-2 v UGA.

All are licensed property of coach Kirby Smart and the UGA

The ONLY team that can say 1980 is Bama.
Mad respect to Lord Sabanator and his evil minions. They can say that until we beat them and win a title. And any and all title chances go through Tuscaloosa and Nick Saban.

( All factual evidence. For any possible discussion, dispute or argumentative reasoning please present your case in writing to your local Bulldawg representatives for clarification. If assistance in writing is needed or any auburn grads require a crayon, contact your neighood gator.)
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“1980“; that’s when you know you have won the argument.

How many returning starters do you have from your team’s natty year, “none”.

How many coaches do you have from that year, ”none”.

Same AD, “not sure”.

Any current players remember your team winning a natty, “no they weren’t born yet”.

Split natty, like UCF?
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Y’all wanna take your dog drool and slide rules somewhere else and cuddle. :LOL: