Let me share my dad's story this morning!

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My parent's are in the process of selling their current home and buying a new one, as you can imagine ol dad hasn't been able to hunt much this year. :(
Well he's off this week and decided to sneak down for a morning hunt this morning. He doesn't care about getting there before light, in fact he won't go in until daylight.
So when he got down there this morning he didn't go the normal way to his stand. He walked across a field and was checking a right-of-way that was recently bush hogged. By going this way he entered the stand site from a different direction. Well under his stand was a nice 2 1/2 year old 6 point. He let him pass and went on and settled in his stand. Within the next thirty minutes a gray fox and a coyote had came through. Then at 9:47 he looked over his shoulder and saw a mature 8 point trotting and quartering away from him. Dad tried grunting to get the buck to stop, but he wouldn't let up. He took a shot he thought was on, but hit 6" in front of the running buck. :eek:

This stand site is our favorite one. We've got a Viper climber on the edge of a pasture in a 5 acre stip of hardwoods seperating a 50 acre thick thicket. All this is sandwiched in between the mountain and a ridge. :eek: It's a perfect break of habitat and excellent funnel for all animals.

Looks like the big boys are starting to move a little more during the day! The deer seem to be acting more frisky earlier this year. ::huh:

Maybe I'll be there when a mature buck slips up next! ;)