Let's Hear it for the People who........

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had to risk their lives helping others during this storm. Your local utilities personel and rescue workers. :clap: Thanks guys, you are the best!!!! :clap:

Our own Habhammer is one of these guys. Who else is on this board has been on call to help?

Habhammer, get some rest !!!


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I second that Teddy.....

Thanks guys for all you do...


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I agree, they don't get enough credit for the job they do especially when storms hit and they work through them to keep our lights on.

I read that a lineman in N Georgia lost his life while working to repair the power lines.


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AL Power got my power back on within 12 hours. With over a million outages across the state, and 300K in Birmingham alone, 99% of Birmingham power has been restored. Hats off to a job well done.


You Got That Right!!!!!!!!!

Good Post THEODORE!!!!!!!!!! :p

I got a buddy that has been "HAMMER DOWN" gettin' power back to a whole bunch of people.....

:clap: :clap: :clap:
I'm on RECC, and I don't care what City Utilities says, I have no complaints. We had a big snow storm here one year, and I was the first one stupid enough to leave the subdivision to go to work. I took my saw figuring I might have to cut my way out. I did, but when I got to the worst of it, the RECC guys were on the other side. Between me and them, we took care of clearing the road, and the power was back on in less than 2 hours.



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These guys definitly have a thankless job but when these storms come through these folks are HEROES theres just no doubt about it.
They are like the calvery all possed up and ready to ride.
Many a Thanks to all you first responders and folks that put there lives on the line to help us in our time of need.