Let's see some Jeeps!

Tree cutter,
that orange one is really nice!
Really, really nice. Takes me back to h.s., best friend had one just like it.
We drove it pretty hard and only got it stuck once in a deep mud hole. Our fault.
Thanks, several hundred hours of time into it. It's for sale but I really hate to sell it. Don't have time to drive 2.
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Bunch of good looking Jeeps in here!!!

I know it's early but is anyone planning on going to the Panama city beach Jeep jam next year?
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20201105_122925.jpg 20201105_125725.jpg 20201105_125743.jpg
Just gotta get that dang rear track bar off and replaced then cycle everything out to what clearance issues I may come across. Pretty happy with the build so far. I cant seem to stop messing around with this thing🤑🤑🤑 it's like it has some wierd connection with my wallet.
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Ok so after @hopper posted pics of his new wheels I had to paint mine matte black, I like the look!! I also so on another forum about putting pentrol on the flairs I think it works pretty good but I am still going to put flat fenders on it. 20201127_112453_copy_1024x768.jpg
Love the CJ-8. Is that the original color?

Original color, not original paint.

It's got an AMC 360 as well(CJ8s only came factory with 4 & 6 cyl for some reason).