Let's see your trophy tower stands

We built this one last weekend with an elevator kit, for the legs, from Academy Sports. We used dog-eared fencing for the siding since it's pressure treated. I used some recycled roofing tin for the roof. I have a couple of things to tweak but it hunts for now. Good luck.
I have another i don't have pictures of but it's built entirely of decking boards from an old porch i rebuilt on my old house. It was a 10x10 deck so i built the house 5x5 and its a little small for 2. Walls, floor, etc all decking board. This fence very similar and i like it.
Tower blind 4.jpg

This is homemade. Found the box on Craigslist in TN. The box is made from scraps that come from a door factory that makes metal skinned and 2" foam filled commercial doors. The cutout for a window is a 22" x 54" scrap. This fella turns those drop pieces into insulated and weatherproof shooting houses. I had the steel tower built locally. This setup is rock solid and will last a lifetime.
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Our club has used elevated blinds for years now. Especially for the elderly, and members who hunt with children. Great for very cold or wet days too. Most were built with scrap materials. To cut down on weight with those we like to relocate from time to time. We frame, then wrap with camo tarps. That last photo, the pipe stand, is a favorite, many good bucks have been shot from that one.


Ours look just like Mirvin and Chapman Tree's house. in fact when I first saw them I thought my hunting partner had posted them.
We built three in his shop and moved them with the help of a big John Deere and one strong young man (Neither of us)!
They really spoil you especially since I went to a church sale and bought three big high back padded swivel rockers!
I have not sat in them in the rain yet but it will be great.
Ours are all on food plots surrounded by woods and cover!