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Jeff Young said:
I disagree. We are as much a part of nature as the squirrels. The only difference is they build nests from pine staw, twigs and leaves and we build lots of different stuff from concrete, steel and plastic.

It's all natural.
I disagree...We are a part of nature, but there is nothing natural about development to the extent where areas are void of wildlife. Squirrels and other wildlife enhance habitat; people usually destroy habitat. Nothing natural about that. If it were all natural, why do people complain when properties are lost to development.

As to the topic of this thread, I to would kill this deer to end its suffering. Although nature would soon take care of this animal as some have stated, I see no sense in prolonging the animals misery.
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Tom Borck said:
I agree with you JB, I would do the same during deer season or not!

I would think that most ethical hutners would do the same, I would feel compelled to put a suffering deer out of misery!

As LSU said, during deer season or not!!!
Absolute agreement. There is no choice, nothought; its a responsibility.
I would not shoot. Deer have a remarkable ability to heal. My son shot a good 8 point several years ago. His whole rear end looked funny. He was discovered to have a broken pelvis and both legs broken, all had healed over. He was chasing a doe when shot.


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It's tough to determine whether a deer is absolutely going to die or not. Deer are extraordinarily tough critters. However, given the original scenario, I'm afraid I'd have to go ahead and shoot a deer with a blinker sticking out of his rump. Just a broken leg? Probably not. I've seen three legged deer run like the wind. And I've seen some pretty ugly wounds that have healed over. And no I wouldn't burn a tag. Yes, I would give the game warden a call. But only to see if they wanted to record it as a deer taken from the heard. I'm pretty sure that if I shot the deer in the original post, I could articulate to the warden that the deer wasn't born with a Ford emblem embedded in his ribs.
You all talk about suffering dont you think getting shot buy a high power rifle is sort of suffering to some extent i might shoot it depends on the situation at the time and who are we to judge if mother nature will heal this creature or not ive seen some pretty bad things heal up i dont have to use tags so that wont matter to me i would just have to wait and see the situation.
Do I Shoot

YES. And I would use a tag to do it. In a QDM county, you sort of hve to compare the moralls of the whole thing. Would the DNR Ranger look the deer over and go along with you in your decision of being humane??????????????
Otherwise the deer would have died a slow and agonizing death, coyote bait
for sure.


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stumpman said:
You all talk about suffering dont you think getting shot buy a high power rifle is sort of suffering to some extent.
No I don't think a deer being shot by a high power rifle suffers if the shot is well placed.

Most of the anti hunting groups claim that shooting them with high powered rifles causes the animals to suffer. As hunters, when we start feeling the same way, and worse, when we start talking this way, were going in the wrong direction for the future of hunting.
Im not going this way i simpley asked the question i shot a buck with my muzzle loader last week he laid there and kicked for a minute was i going to shoot him again no was i going to go down there and make him jump and run no so i let him lay there and die took maybee a minute or two if im a bad guy for this so be it but talking about suffering he may have for a minute i know he wasnt happy right then so call it what you wish i still would have to see the deer and the circumstances before id shoot him probably would though im deffinetly not on the other side or what ever.what about shooting them with a bow?
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I had that situation the fourth day of gun season. I was in my favorite stand that I had arrowed an eight pointer the opening day of gun season. I am not a trophy or QDM bowhunter but was saving my last buck tag for another eight pointer this early in the season. I had seen five deer that morning but they were small bucks or does that did not offer a shot. At 10:05 a buck appears out of the bushes fifteen yards in my front and is headed my way. I thought it was a six pointer and decided not to shoot but noticed it was hobbling and the right front leg was hanging limp. The buck stopped ten yards broadside. I decided to shoot and burn my last tag because of the dangling leg. I got both lungs and he ran lest than fifty yards and was down. He turned out to be an eight pointer and had been apparently shot with a rifle in the last two or three days. The leg bone had been shattered and the leg was hanging by tendons and hide.

Last week I was in the same stand and after seeing buzzards and coyotes below my stand, found the remains of a deer seventy-five yards below my stand.

As hunters, we should try for one shot clean kills. Just because it is a big buck, no one should try a riskey shot. Don't take so-called percentage shots but only 100 % shots. We all will make a mistake occasionally but try to keep mistakes to a miminum.
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I would. I'd call up a warden before somebody else would and ask them to come take a look at the deer. If plastic and glass are embedded in the deer, I think the evidence is there. Don't think anyone would get a ticket in that situation.


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That which is legal is not always ethical, that which is ethical is not always legal.

In either case, I would end the sufferring but probably leave the deer behind. In my mind it is a quicker ends to the final outcome. Whether I shoot or not., the yotes will eat, I would choose to give them fast food.