Let's try it again-Hog donation

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If you would like to either help a fellow member drag one out in turn for keeping the meat,or would be willing to take a hog off of someones hands post here.

Post what counties you would be willing to travel to meet someone,and hopefully someone on here will pm you for contact info,maybe even exchange phone numbers.

I would like to see this work for deer too.

If we get enough participation,maybe they will sticky this for us.Let's not let hogs rot just because you don't want it.Help a friend out!


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Dude after hign school football season I'd love to come and be yer shadow .....:banana::banana::banana:


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Hey I will take any and all hogs offered within 2-3 hours drive of Gwinnett County.

:) Wife and 3 kids at home to feed, and they ALL love wild hog.

If you have one Please call me, anytime, I will ... ** cough cough ** suddenly get sick if I have to.

My number is 678-908-3557
Name is Kevin
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Derek Edge

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I hope to be catching a few in the next couple of weeks, in traps. I will only need a couple sows so anything left over you guys are welcome too.If you need a hog around Laurens Co. just let me know.


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i would love to have a pig or 2.i like em very much but am no longer able to get out to hunt so it would be greatly appreciated. i would also like to be on a list for any unwanted deer meat too. i am a diabetic so deer meat and wild pork is really good for me.thanks.


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i live in henry co but i hunt in jasper co will drag out pig or come hunt pigs for you anywhere with from perry ga to gainsville
or if i can hunt them and i can " pitch a tent" somewhere on the property i will travel farther
i would be more than happy to help get rid of some pork whether picking up dragin out or hunting at least for the rest of the month til i find out if im gonna deploy. anywhere around valdosta to about an hour away.
I'm in the Savannah area and would be willing to donate any hogs I harvest. I like hog meat, but I get overwhelmed with meat sometimes because I'm the only one eating the deer/hog meat. I enjoy sharing the bounty with fellow sportsman, friends, and family.
I would be willing to give up a hog to someone in the Savannah area. Deer meat too once bow season is open, but i do not pay for anybodies processing... Thats up to you. If your interested, drop me a PM.
404-660-8865 I live in Cumming GA but am willing to travel. I have family in the Ft Stewart area and may be there at anytime. I'd prefer to be envolved in the hunt but will take meat at any time.


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Just let me know anywhere and I will gladly make the trip. my number is 678-908-3557 I will drag it out, pick it up, or even come down and help you hunt them :)


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I am a feral wild hog trapper/hunter down here in Florida. I deal with alot of these animals every year and do my best to find a home for the meat and not leave the animal to waste in the woods. I donate as many as possible to friends and family, church groups, needy family support groups, etc.

My agreement with the recipients is that they come immediately when called, they take the animal "on the hoof", and they are responsible for all field dressing, processing, etc.

With hogs it is critical to get the animal field dressed and cooled down as quickly as is possible, especially in this heat. For that reason you need to have your contact phone numbers ready and make the call as soon as you can to give them time to make the drive and pick up the animal before spoilage occurs. The recipient needs to be prepared to field dress the animal, have a cooler full of ice, etc.

Hope this helps. Good luck to all.

Joshua Robinson

im 23 and i hunt at chickasawhati in albany georgia if anyone needs help there deer or hog just call 229-206-0160 and ill be on my way free of charge maybe alil meat or ill take a hog if givin
im looking for some one to hunt with on wma land in albany ga for hogs i go by myself most of the time i like to have back up i uselly get right on top of theam when i kill one and its not good to be alone


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buy hogs alive

hey i will buy hogs alive so i can take them to the butcher alive please call 770 894 7850 dont answere leave message