Let's try it again-Hog donation

I'd love a hog. Will trade have Bear and deer meat

Just send me a PM and lets work something out. I have a 164lb bear I'm picking up from the butcher on Tues.
Guys I am about 3.5 hours south of Atlanta and I have left 9 hogs in the woods since rifle season started. I found someone to take one of them! PM me with some contact numbers so that I can get in touch with some of you. I hate to waste the meat but I can't use all of the ones that we kill and I can't stop killing them, they have got my deer run off now. I don't want to clean them but if you are too far away I will drop the guts for you and bring him to town, just come get them so I'm not stuck with one in the back of my truck!
Add me to the list also, draggin, tracking or hunting them I'm game for it. In and around the Augusta/Harlem area. Thanks for the sticky and the opportunity.

James H 706-556-1671 , C 706-699-1762
Wild Hog

I have killed 5 so far, with the biggest just over 215 lbs. I have more wild hog than I know what to do with here in Laurens Co. If the trem keeps up, I will be more than happy to give some away. I have a warm heart, especially when it come to giving.
NEAR fort benning anytime anwhere i usually got a ton of hogs ive killed 83 so far since april and i definately cant eat it all.

Eddy M.

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I would be interested in a hog---- I'm in Cobb county


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I am headed out over the next few weekends to hunt on a 1700 ac lease, been told they are covered up in hogs. Be honest I have never got one, but this sounds good. I dont know how to field dress or clean one up, I will be near Washington GA, and if I get one or a few I would be willing to give it to someone as long as they can meet me somewhere well known on my way out. I am not from that area, I am in Royston so I could meet you anywhere inbetween. You can either PM me your number and I will call on a Sunday (other than the 8th of FEB) if I get something. I'd love it if someone could show me or teach me how to field dress them/do the right thing with them once I kill one.
Would like to be on the list to I'll get some if you got any you can pm me or call 706-429-7049.Or would like to help kill some if you need. Thanks,Roland


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I've deleted a few posts on here from folks looking to hunt hogs. This isn't what this thread is about. It's about someone donating hogs to anyone that wants them.

If you want some fresh pork, respond. If you're looking for land to hunt hogs on, start a thread in the Leases forum.


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I live in Dallas, GA and would be willing to drive a reasonable distance to help drag or whatever in return for some meat.

I have all my own butchering stuff and would be happy to donate back.
I live in Cowetta County would love to have some wild hog meat, would be willing to help hunt them also. I hunt in Jones County but we don't have any hogs. Just let me know either way please. Thanks Steve 423-883-1288 :biggrin2::cool::biggrin2::cool:
Anyone near ft benning want one pm me your number if i ever get one will give you a call.


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I live in Columbus and have access to Benning. I would be willing to travel up to 100 miles to help someone drag one out, gut it, skin it, quarter it, etc. I have a pulley hoist, gambrel, and plenty of knives and hand saws for wild game prep. I have a 150-quart cooler that has always worked for transporting deer. I'm hoping to hunt pigs for the first time this summer and get that experience. I'd be willing to do most of the work since I haven't put a knife to a pig in a long time. I worked in the kill pit and on the gambrel table hanging hogs by their hind leg tendons at a hog plant in Iowa between college and the Army. I'd be willing to do most of the work as long as the person I'm assisting could give me guidance on the differences between cleaning a pig and a deer while I'm doing it. I'm pretty much just looking for a pig head (doesn't even have to be trophy quality) to add another european mount to the wall in my living room and some experience along the way. I've eaten wild pork before and love pretty much all wild meat in general. The meat isn't all that important to me but I'd be willing to eat a little in exchange for the work but the experience and just getting outdoors and getting my hands dirty would be enough incentive for me to pitch in.



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If anyone drops one this weekend that they dont want, I would be most gratefull. I can help you drag or whatever you want. Would love to have a pig for the family for the 4th.

I will drive anywhere up to 3 hours of Gwinnett County

678-953-2761 Kevin
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