Let's try it again-Hog donation


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not sure if any hogs get killed up here in North Ga., but I'm willing to travel a couple of hours from Atlanta area for some meat. BB96
i have a boar hog raised it since it was a piglet thinking of selling it if interested pm me . he'll weigh around 250 to 300 lbs
I am lookin for a place to hog hunt in north east Georgia or in north west South Carolina.... i got the dogs just need some hogs, we also have a few traps.... if you or any one you know needs or wants them gone or removed off your property or leased land please let me know...​
. PM me or call me @(864)710-6712
---->also lookin for some to buy for a good price<----
and willin to donate the meat to the less fortunate people


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I'm willing to tAke a Hog off someones hands if they don't want the meat! I'm also willing to buy a hog off someone if I can meet them in gwinnett/Forsyth co. Or throw in on gas for someone that Is driving down to pick up a hog!
I sure would like to take one off some bodys hands and even help get one out.I'd drive up to an hour if the hog is still alive and I can put it in a cooler one ice.Just PM me,or call my cell its 706-429-7049 or home phone 706-867-7997,Thanks Roland.


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I would like to get a small pig or two I could feed out if someone around middle ga. traps any. 706-975-1677 Thanks, Lamar
I'd love to help anyone out with a hog problem in southeast ga, either solo or with a partner. I would be eating and sharing all meat harvested. I hunt hogs about 5 times a week on Ft Stewart, and there are some ones here.
I was hoping to come to GA and hunt hogs this year but now won't have the time . but I do get to travle threw GA if any one has a hog to donate my brothers and I would apreciate it I am a member of a charity organisation and every year we have a big game dinner and some hog meat would go over big. I will be in GA somtime in late nov and dec.
NEW to Hog Hunting

I live in Gwinnett County, I will drive 2-3 Hours to be anyones shadow or drag it out. Just call me or email me anytime.
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Hogs or Deer!!!

Willing to travel 75 miles from Gainesville, Georgia.

Want the meat to eat:stir:

willing to hunt.

Charles 404-434-9380:
i love to get a hog from someone. I have some friends coming down to visit the week of march 20th, and i would love to cook a whole hog for them. i live in elbeton which is in northeast georgia. send me a pm and let me know if you might be able to help me out, and i'll give you my number so you can call me. i'll come and help get it out of the woods with you if you want me to.
If you would like to either help a fellow member drag one out in turn for keeping the meat,or would be willing to take a hog off of someones hands post here.

Post what counties you would be willing to travel to meet someone,and hopefully someone on here will pm you for contact info,maybe even exchange phone numbers.

I would like to see this work for deer too.

If we get enough participation,maybe they will sticky this for us.Let's not let hogs rot just because you don't want it.Help a friend out!
Theres alot of this going on,needs to stop to many people hungry out there, think before you leave it.