Let's try it again-Hog donation

From Gwinnett County in Metro Atlanta Area. Willing to take the hog off your hands or come out and help with dragging it out in return for meat. Just give me a call 678-four-three-one-5418.
If anyone around the Columbus, GA/Fort Benning area wants a pig let me know. We hunt them year around and if you want one i'll do my best to get you a hog.
I am in oglethorpe county, GA. I have 3 kids that love wild boar but I have worked so much in the past year that I got rid of the dogs, traps, and all else. So if anybody wants to get rid of one just let me know

Willing to give away unused hogs throughout the year when available. If anyone is interested pm your info and I will add you to contacts to notify when we have extra to get rid of. We hunt the I-16 area of middle ga. Thx
IF you got a hog problem in north ga i will be glad to take care of it and give the person the meat as well always looking for people to eat them instead of wasting it


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I live in Walton County, if you have a pig you want to give a way please let me know. I can meet you on Wed, Thurs and Fri. Please call or text me anytime at 770-715-6151
hog meat

We trap plenty of all sizes in Oglethorpe County. Anyone interested give me a call/pm/text and I will gladly give away our extras. Typically, its the 50 lb and under range that I don't use. Let me know.

If anyone has any land with hogs and would be willing to let a father and son hunt them please let me know. We would even take any that have been trapped and need a freeze to go in. Thanks
Hello all. I'm looking for someplace to take my Dad and brother hog hunting. We've never done it. Thinking next year sometime and I'm open to suggestions on when. We're from Wisconsin and have always hunted deer. Frost bitten balls or not, we're usually out there. Right now I'm just looking to see if anyone would allow us to hunt their land, let us tag along or point me in a direction that won't cost an arm and leg. Not looking for trophies, just something new and tasty. If it matters ages would be 53, 33 and 31. Thanks for your time and I hope I'm in the right thread for this.



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Old thread but if anyone would want some pigs PM me. Would like to have a plan beforehand so that they don't go to waste.
Hey I will take any and all hogs offered within 2-3 hours drive of Gwinnett County.

:) Wife and 3 kids at home to feed, and they ALL love wild hog.

If you have one Please call me, anytime, I will ... ** cough cough ** suddenly get sick if I have to.

My number is 678-908-3557
Name is Kevin
Kevin I don’t have any @ the present time but I will have some n oct.
I have just moved to Ga and would love to try to hunt hog. I am limited in the physical part as for running hogs, but would love to hunt from a blind or stand. I am not sure what weapon is allowed to hunt hogs. Reading the game laws, it seems what ever is in season is the weapon you must use. I do have a 12ga pump, a .45 LC and a 7.62 Mini Thirty. I am in the North Ga Area, Catoosa, Walker or Ringgold areas is preferred, but can travel some. Any replies would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me at jmbarry4450@aol.com or 423-991-4858. Thank you.
Call Rusty Rhône’s @ 4782322559 taking bookings @ occonie ridge