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Has anyone purchased or handled the new Leupold VX3 HD? Leupold has been hyping these since November but they are just now hitting retailers. I am wondering how their optics compare the VX 5 HD? VX5s are approximately double the price so I figure they have to have better optics as well as a 30mm tube which would give more flexibility in terms of long range reticle adjustment. For the typical GA whitetail rifle I think the VX 3 (either 2.5-8 or 3.5-10) are about an ideal scope.

I appreciate any feedback on whether the price really offers an appreciable upgrade in performance. Key here being for whitetail rifles, not 1000 yard snipers.
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Hugh, haven't personally handled this years V3HD but I do have 2 of last years model 3i in 3.5×10. They work great for my hunting and shooting needs. Going to order a couple of the new ones in a few weeks since i got a chronograph so i can play with the CDS .
I have a VX 5 HD and love it, but I also plan on hunting elk out west and making shots well in excess of 200 yards. For the hunting we generally do in GA, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a VX 3. I think the VX 5 HD would be overkill for your purposes. Leupold makes great glass. I can’t imagine you would be disappointed. I’m about to buy one of their rimfire scopes for a new 22 mag I bought.