like some arra shafts

Jake Allen

You gotta offer something up in trade. I have plenty
of POC and ramin wood shafts. I could use a good fur,
buckskin or tooling leather.

id like some arra shafts willing to pay for em

per the rules: ::ke: :biggrin3:

Here is the place to trade for any pre-1840 loot and plunder that you no longer have any need for. Anything that applies to the era, works. Rocks, sticks, furs, cast iron cookwares, primitive archery equipment, replica muzzleloaders, ya`ll get the idea. The way it works, is you make a thread, and post a photograph of your item you wish to trade off. If someone wants that item, they reply, and include a photograph of the item they are willin` to trade for it. When both parties are satisfied, the thread starter indicates that he will trade with that particular individual who has a pictured item that he wants. That will conclude that trade. Once a trade is made, to the satisfaction of both parties, the thread will be closed.

This is a trade only area, NO CASH MONEY!

For many years, this was a time-honored way of doin` business. Let`s continue the tradition.