lil midweek...JT is Live From The Tree!!!

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I had a rare minute during the week before I go unemployed for our trek across the country so I figured I'd bring it to y'all Live.

Im sitting in a small wood lot lockon that is on a dirt road crossing. I have a massive cut cornfield to the south of me and a huge cut bean field to the north and a thick crp field to the east. When the leaves are down I can watch dudes pick their nose when they ride by :eek:

Its 45 this morn with a se breeze that should be perfect for this stand.

I am doe hunting for a fella here in town...although I won't pass up a sweet midwest beast if he swings thru...and trust me if y'all saw the rubs or have had the experience of this wood lot y'all would know he is liable to swing thru!

Acorns are falling and yeah its breaking light...


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Go get um bro.


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keep us posted Bro , I hope ya whack one ...:cool:
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First couple of deer just crossed road and swung behind me. Momma n baby. Didn't give me a shot but didn't wind me either.

This pic is a couple years old but these rubs get hit every year. This is 50 yards to my right on the road crossing.
And I killed this beast 100 yards or so to the north on other side of slew. Yep its the coffee cup buck!



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I have got to try and do some hunting up there at some point!!! Had a trip a few years ago and did not get to go because of a family emergency, and I have not had the funds since, but maybe one day. Good luck JT.
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2 bucks just crossed from my left to right about 100 in front of me. First one was little but second was huge. Massive body n lots of bone. Leaves still holding on makes it tough to know for sure what he is but looked good from here.

I don't think they crossed road and the deer like to lay down over there so maybe still in here with me.

When water is up almost all of em come right by here but with drought they can be anywhere
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Doe just came from across the road trotting at a pretty good pace. I tried to stop her but no luck.

I waited a couple mins to make sure alone and as soon as I sit here comes a lil 4 with his nose to the ground.

Don't he know it ain't time yet?? :crazy:

Jseph already tried :)
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2 does and 4 bucks with biggest an old looking.g choco horned 6 came slipping towards me from straight ahead. Only saw her first. Right before she gave me a shot I saw movement and started seeing the others.

No shooter bucks so I slung an arrow at 20 yards and yep...back strap bannanahead!!

The others are all a stil around me but are scattered every where.


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That was quick. Congrats!! I've been sitting in a class in texas for three weeks now, between your other thread and all these other posts of dead deer, I am on the verge of going nuts. I cant wait til I get home this wekend.


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JT just texted me and wanted me to post that he's lost most of his reception and can't put up any pics. He said he's still covered up in deer. He heard the doe crash but is gonna hang around a while and see what shows up.

Pics to come later!!