Lisa's Sexy Dawg Striper Video

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While reading Eric Aldrich's report in the Gainesville Times I noticed he mentioned a Sexy Dawg topwater plug and I remembered I had one stuffed back in the back of my topwater box. I tied it on for my wife Lisa this morning and she did a little "walking the dawg" for a couple early morning stripers.
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Here's another little topwater video from this morning. We worked on Lisa's premature hook set this morning. Sometimes it's hard not to jerk when the fish blows up but you have to hold and let the fish hook himself...


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Top water

Jim u have taught the bride well...Dajjum that boat has had some fish in it lately. Great report as always, I put a gunfish on and it worked pretty well....almost identical bait I think. I couldn't get a silver bullet to bomb it though...only spots:crazy:
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Thanks guys. I appreciate the kind words. Worley, I like that gunfish. It is just about like the sexy dawg with a little different nose. I'll have to give it a shot because I'd like to target the bigger spots that are mixed in with the stripers but it's hard because 9 out of 10 times the stripers are more aggressive and get there first.....where I'm fishing anyway.

Yesterday afternoon a buddy called and invited me out to his pond for some pond management fishing so I spent the evening catching a few cullers for the cooler. I got 5 nice ones for fish tacos and even got a little bigger fish in the pic below to cap off the trip...

Today were having company over for a cookout so the fishing is over for the weekend for me. We'll be busy and the house will be full of people but before everyone gets up I took a moment to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, some being personal friends I served with. That's why we're able to do this and the reason we have a Memorial Day. Have fun today!!


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Good stuff Jim....BTW, Honey can walk the dawg! :)
Thanks Jim. Her all time personal best largemouth was from walking the dawg up at Burton a few years back. She told me she liked the topwater but she was ready to get back to the drop shot bite so next time she goes out I'm sure we'll be dropping.:cheers:

Lanier Jim

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Ahhhhhh....another one comes to t he dark side :)