List of bowfishing guides / excursion operators

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Haven't found a topic that lists all the guides in Georgia who offer bowfishing excursions.

Have I missed it?

I've got a friend coming in June who is interested in trying their hand at bowfishing. Early to Mid-June, say around 10th-12th of June. Never done it, no equipment.

Can those who are guides or offer excursions please PM me your information so I can see if I can set something up for my friend. Or reply to this topic.

Thank you!
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Any part of Georgia. How 'bout where the best bowfishin' is? :)

Ideally within 30-60 minutes of Atlanta if bowfishing opportunities exist. But would like to get info from anyone in Georgia who bowfishes.


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Another vote for Michael Evans. Been bow fishing with him twice and gator hunting once. Will be going back again with him on 2 more trips this year.