List of local (GA) retailers tha sell real black powder

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Since there are those among us who still shoot the Real McCoy, I thought it would helpful to start a list of brick and mortar stores around the state that sell black powder (not substitutes, which are widely available).

I'll start it off with the only place I know of in the Atlanta area that carries real black powder, Deer Creek Gun Store in Marietta, GA.

Where else can it be bought?
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I just contacted Second Amendment, and they currently have FFFg only. They anticipate getting FFg when it gets closer to deer season.

I just returned from Deer Creek in Marietta, and bought the second to last pound of FFg they had in stock. They are, however, expecting more any day. For what they are charging for it ($28.00), I could almost pay the Haz-Mat fee and come out buying online, saving me a 40-mile drive!

Supply and demand, I guess.
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I split a 20 pound order with SASS249 a couple of years back. I picked up a pound or two from Deer Creek. I think I'm set for a while. In metro ATL, Deer Creek is the only one I know of.
+1 on a group buy

The last pound I got, a friend was driving to visit his kid 8 hours away. On the way, 6hrs from home, there was a place that had it. Got me a pound.

Hazmat on one pound is pain. But a case, iirc, 8-10 bottles is about the same total hazmat charge.

I made several attempts to get 4 people together locally. Zero interest. We don’t have a big black powder market locally.

That is the best way. Get 2 or 3 buddies together and order a case.
The other thing is black powder has to be stored in a powder magazine IF YOU ARE SELLING IT. It will not be on the shelf so you have to ask for it.