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Stolen Guns

My wifes friend who just got married last week came home from their honeymoon to find their apartment broken into. Well the Theives manage to get away with all her husbands guns.

I know alot of you check out pawn shops for deals and was hoping you could keep your eyes open.

Here are the details
model 29 .44 caliber Smith and Wesson.
He claims the serial number is N320345

There will be more guns and serial numbers to follow
In 1994 While I Lived At Home Mine And My Parents Guns Were Stolen An Old Marlin .22, A 35 Marlin,another Marlin.22,a Remington 1100 12 Gauge, And My First Deer Rifle A Browning Model 81 308. Never Found Any Of Them.
In October of 2004 my truck was stolen in downtown Atlanta, GA. Inside were two rifles; one a Remington model 700BDL LH .270Win, with a KDF recoil reducer on the end of the barrel, it had a Nikon 3X9 x 40mm scope on Kwicksite see through mounts & had a Packmyer shotgun recoil pad installed; the other was a Marlin 1895SS, 45-70, with Williams peep sight on the rear and Williams fiber optic Fire sight on the front. This information was passed on to the APD and the NCI. Please contact Bill Brown at "".


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Some slime Recently liberated these weapons

As of 7/23/2011 these are still missing.

Remington 700B Rifle Cal. 7mm Remington Magnum
walnut stock
Serial Number: C6828484
Trophy scope 4x12 and sling in hard case.

Remington 1100 Auto 12 Gauge Shotgun
Stock Walnut Ventilated Ribbed Barrel Mod Choke
Serial Number M600709W

45Cal Dixie Gun Works Pennsylvania flint lock rifle
Considerable hand carving on butt stock
Silver half moon inlay on cheekpiece
Heavily engraved Toe piece. & patchbox

Tower 2nd Model Brown Bess Musket (Reproduction)
Walnut Stock
Flintlock (Lock Stamped with word Tower)
White Leather Sling with Brass Buckle
(won't find many of these in the south! Outside Williamsburg, VA. or maybe Savannah.

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Savage Model 93FSS Stainless Steel Fiber Optic sights 22 magnum rifle with leupold see thru rings and bushnell trophy 3-9x40 scope S/N 0810276. Stolen on 3-27-2007 at Lake Walton (Monroe, GA)

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Had a Springfield XD .45 acp stolen last monday out of my truck in my work parking lot. It happend in the middle of the day. It happend in Norcross off of Jimmy Carter. The low life drilled my lock out stole my pistal and a company lad-top.

the pistal was black. S# US601005

I hope it gets pawned and we can bust the low life!!!!!!!!!!


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I had 13 guns stolen from my house plus my yamaha raptor. Most of the guns were my grandfathers that he left me. Sad thing is I know who did it and have had 4 different people tell me who did it. They caught a guy with one of my guns and asked him who did it. The guy told them who did it and even called one of his buddies on the phone and the police listened in on it and the guy on the phone told them who did it. Even with all this information they still couldn't get a warrant. I did get the gun back, but for the life of me I will never be able to comprehend why the police can't do more. Also when I asked the police about me going to the guys house and talking to him directly they told me if I did, I would be arrested. Don't understand.

Browning Bar 30-06
Glock model 22 .40
Marlin .22
Marlin lever action .44
S/W .44
Browning belgium 20 guage
Charles Daly camo 12 guage
stephens single shot 20 guage
Colt MKIV gov't model .380
Remington woodsmaster 30-06
Remington 710 30-06 only one recovered
Remington semi auto 12 guage very old
S/W snub nose .38 with my grandfathers name engraved in it
Yamaha Raptor 660R Black, red, silver

What I wouldn't do with 5 mins. alone with that sorry ***.


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Stolen from Rome, Ga.

Taurus .45 acp PT945 serial# NKZ50410, (Taurus 9mm PT92 serial# TAN09422 Recovered in Gwinnett county). These were stolen from Rome, Ga. on September 05, 2007.
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:)I never discuss what guns I own with co-workers, neighbors or casual friends. When going to the truck from the house I carry mine low between my body and the house nver towards the street or neighbors if I can help it. The best thing to do is have a hidden wall safe installed if that is possible. When I stop at the store with a long gun in the truck I lay it in the back behind the seat where it cannot be seen. I believe that most guns are stolen from homes by people that know you and know what you have. I would go even further to say that allot of the times it is a neighborhood teenager who needs some drug money. That's why I don't tell the local 16 year olds what kind of gun collection I have nor do I let them see my guns. Well thats just my two cents for what it is worth.
I agree with Carters93, I had a new neighbor move in, they have a son in his mid twenties that would ride around the property lines on a fourwheeler. He stopped and we began talking and deer hunting and guns were discussed.About two weeks later my door was kicked in, the alarm went off nothing was taken. About a week went by and my neighbor came riding around again, when I told him what happened, his first words was " do you have cameras" I realized this was the man that did it, he came back around to see if I had him on film. Strange thing, I haven't seen him any more, I went and told his father if I caught the one that did it I would shoot him right there in the yard. My neighbor doesn't ride the fence line any more.:shoot:
Stolen Rifles

Two rifles stolen from auto in Dunwoody. 11/20/07.

Remington 760 Gamemaster pump 30-06 with 3x9 Bushnell scope and leather sling. Stock has unique basket weave woodwork.

Marlin 30-30 lever action, with 3x9 Busnell Scope and black nylon strap.

Other items taken: New in package Gerber knife and Tracking light set.

Various Tink's products.

Oct 2006 Hartwell , Ga

Winchester Black Syn 7mm Mag - 3X9X50mm Scope
Remington 600 Bolt Action 243 cal - 3X9X40mm Scope
Remington 1100 12Ga 28in vented rib barrel
2 - Double Gun Cases Black

I have the numbers for all these guns which was stolen from my truck that was sitting inside my carport . My home owners insurance paid me for the guns but they still do not understand that the 243 was given to my son by my father
and that can not be replaced with no amount of money.
i had an astra 357 mag stolen out of my truck in nov of 06 i bought it from my neighbor gave the police the ser.# but havent heard anything since. ser # is 164943, i had to notch out the wooden grip for a speed loader ( very unique) i sure would like to have it back

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H&R 20 ga single shot blued w/ brown walnut stock...missing front bead..stolen from home in Gilmer County in 1990


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1991: Belgium made Browning BAR, 30-06 with black synthetic stock and Redfield 3 x 9 scope.
Belgium made Browning Hi Power 9mm Pistol.
Stolen from home in Buford, GA


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Does anyone know of a site online where you could check the vin numbers on firearms to see if they have been listed as stolen? Would be great to be aboul to check then before you buy from junkie or drunk needing money.
Does anyone know of a site online where you could check the vin numbers on firearms to see if they have been listed as stolen? Would be great to be aboul to check then before you buy from junkie or drunk needing money.
call your local law enforcement office i have had them run numbers before for me. just to be sure i had a clean handgun.
stolen guns

I had 5 stolen last sept. from a break in at my house. I didn't have but one serial. One was a 12 gauge double barrel with no sites and a new cherry forarm and stock. It has two patches on the right side of the stock. One was a 22 winchester witha black swing on it wih dark wood stock and forarm. One was a Savage model 111 270 cal. witha black sling also with a simmons 3-9-40 scope. One was a Remington 1100 with a 28 mod. barrel vented rib. looked like it was brand new with just a tiny spot of rust where you it chambers. Last but not least one marlin 22 single shot bolt action very light stained stock on it No I do not have all the serial numbers but if you ever see anything like these please get in touch with me. Four of them were my grandads guns that I inherited.