List your Missing/Stolen guns here

I had a Steyr S40 stolen out of my truck on feb 5, 2008. The serial number is 025390. It also has the letters AOW stamped on the same side of the slide as the serial number. The gun is all back with polymer frame and steel slide and features trigger safety similar to the glock system. The scumbags also took a spare magazine for the gun and a cold steel gunsite knife as well. This gun should stand out as there were not a lot of these sold here in the states.


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Stolen in Quitman County, Ruger MKII (old style skeleton stock), stainless/composite, Dayton Traister trigger, muzzle brake...I don't have the serial number handy or the theft complaint case number (I do still have them, just not with me.) It is easy to identify, though. It is engraved on both sides of the forearms with "The Terminator". When it was stolen, it was topped with a Pentax compact 2-8 Lightseeker.


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Custom made 7mm mauser with eagle inlay and rosewood on walnut stock, hand checker. MY ssn is under the barrel. Would love to have it back
foremost .22 cal rifle 17 shot

dont even know if they make it anymore no serial number dont know why it didnt have one
Anybody ever hear of theives taking a whole safe, or getting into one. I have one and it makes me feel better but............................:huh:
I had 3 stolen, in 2003 from my home in Georgia, I tracked them to North Carolina, then the trail ran cold, probably ended up in a pawn shop (J. P. SAUER SAUER & SONS, mid 70's 44 Mag revolver with homemade holster/ Russian SKS topped with a 2-7X32, VXII Leopold/ and a stainless Taurus 357 snub nose Mag), I have to find the SSN's I have them around here somewhere, but I do have a safe now !!!, and boy would I like to get my hands on the druggie who needed that fix !!!


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....and boy would I like to get my hands on the druggie who needed that fix !!!
We all say that....but we both know that it's best that doesn't happen, don't we? I know it would make me feel better for a few minutes if I could catch the guy that stole mine.....but I also know it would escalate completely out of control in a matter of seconds and I would ultimately end up in prison over it.....not really worth it. Sure is fun to think about, though.....
"YES" you are right!!, I think that the thought of someone just rummaging through my castle is what bothers me most.


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"YES" you are right!!, I think that the thought of someone just rummaging through my castle is what bothers me most.
Yep. I know exactly what you mean.


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the best thing to do w/a safe is secure it to the floor/yes drill a hole through your floor and bolt it in your crawl space.or use lag bolts into cement safe than sorry,its sad u must do this.but it gives yourself abetter feeling when u leave home.


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Stolen : Glock 17 (9mm) pistol serial number LAE085

This is a friend's gun that was stolen from his car (thieves brook window to gain entry). Happened evening of 08/27/08 in Duluth (Gwinnett county). Gun reported stolen morning of 08/28/08 to Duluth PD. Please IM or e-mail me with any information. Thanks.

They got 1 outta my truck, & 2 more outta a locked safe!!
1-colt combat commander.45, ported & polished, trigger job, accurized
1-browning highpower, still in the original box
1- High standard .22, 8 inch barrel, in box , with 2 extra clips!!
The .45 was in the glove box of my trucK, they busted the back window, & tore the door off the glovebox!! Happened at Georgia College in Milledgeville!! Reported it, Had serial numbers, Heard NOTHING!!
Gun stolen from closed shop in Pinehurst

Case solved...arrest were made today and all guns recovered.
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2 years ago gone for 1 day

granddaddys 44 carbine tube feed busnell scope
also his rim woodsman 30.06 with busnell scope
my new rossi 12 slug gun red rot scope
h&r 20 gauge single shot
mosburg 870 sawed off dull pistol grips with folding stock
half gallon of crown
and some fire works ring
and sit no my couch and ate a ice cream sandwich
all stole some other food out of the fridge

all at one time in bowdon


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Stolen from my mothers home in Appling County a few years ago.

Remington Speedmaster .22 bought in the early 90's has BDL stock.

Sportsman 58 12 ga. this shotgun has engravings on the stock as well as a quail engraving on the side of the chamber. I think this gun was made in the 60's.

Savage Single Shot lever action .22

Bolt action 30-30 rifle

Stolen from my brothers truck while in Jesup, GA
70's model Remington 1100 BDL 20 ga.

Stolen recently
Tarus pistol

I didn't have the seriel numbers to any of the guns that were stolen a few years ago but we do have the numbers for the pistol that was stolen recently. I'm hoping that if we find the pistol that it will lead to the other guns as well. More than likely the person who stole the guns a few years ago stole the pistol as well.

I now have the seriel numbers to my guns as well as pictures printed out.

Most of the guns that were stolen had sentimental value because they were handed down to us from or late father and grandfather.
Here are the following serial numbers of shiloh sharps rifles that were stolen on april 16th in kansas city, kansas:

2997b sporter #3
b2000 creedmoor target (fully engraved)
2823b creedmoor silhouette (fully engraved)
2149b sporter #3 25lb bull barrel
0524b sporter #1 (fully engraved)
b9634 saddle rifle (fully engraved) initials l k on lever
b595 hartford 16lb bull barrel
b200 quigley rifle (initials r c b)
b3120 sporter #3
1274b long range express
0363b saddle rifle (fully engraved)
2864b montana roughrider
2884b montan roughrider
colt 1911 officers model pistol (45 acp) sf17530e

if you find run across any of these rifles contact kirk - heather - lucinda - bob - phyllis at shiloh.

500 S&W

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Stolen 12/10/08 from work in Columbus Ga.
Ruger SP101.357 mag.
S/N 573-46241

Reward offered



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Taurus PT92 satin nickel finish - stolen 2005 in Cumming, GA
SN TGK04167