List your Missing/Stolen guns here

Dont worry about hearing anything right away when they are stolen if the serial numbers are in the system they might show up. I had a colt 1911 .45 auto stolen in Dalton Ga. it was used in a crime and recovered in New York City. I did get it back but the fine folks in New York wernt happy about giving it back


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Glock 20 3rd Gen, 10mm auto
OD Green, Hogue grip
6' ported barrel
Streamlight TLR-1 tactical light

Serial# LAL629

Stolen 12-30-08 in Smyrna, GA


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Glock Model 22 .40 cal. - Ser. #CNB727 stolen from Griffin, GA in 2005. Thief was caught and said gun was sold to someone in a McDonald's parking lot in Fayetteville area.
I recently lost my entire collection. Two AR-15's, One Saiga 12, One AK-47, One SOCOM II, Nine Remington 870's, One Mossberg 695, One 1916 Mauser, a couple of piddly things, My Great Grand Dads Double Barrel 12 ga, One D.Eagle 50AE, Two Custom 1911's, And finally... Two XD 45's that are the crown jewels of my collection. Thousands of dollars gone. The thiefs had broke in and stolen them while I was at work. They got past two large dogs, and unlocked my door to get in. Meaning they found my spare key. Well, the next day my kid sister called me (I hadn't told her yet) to tell me all about her bf's new shotgun. It looked just like the only wood stocked 870 I'd had. Now Rem. made a lot of wood stocked 870's, but I called the police and mentioned it. They seemed to think it was an odd coincidence as well and drove over to talk to him. After a quick check of his garage they found most of my guns, and promptly discovered the rest of them at his friends house who had helped him steal them. I got my whole collection back unharmed and he's being prosecuted. Needless to say my sis is heart broken. But I know how horrible it is to lose your guns, but sometimes there really is a happy ending.
How can this many guns get stolen and even with the Serial Numbers most are never recoverd they must be shipped out of the country maybe Mexico ..
Lever Action .22 Winchester
I didn't have the serial number.
It was my Grand Pa's!

Someone stole it out of my truck while it was sitting in my drive-way.
I had stolen just yesterday in columbia county

1. 30-06 bolt action smith and wesson model 1700, with a Nikkon pro staff 3x9x50 scope. 1983 was the last year the rifle was made, my grandad give it to me in 1982, I was 12 yrs old. To me this gun is priceless

2. 30-30 marlin lever action, no s# model 336c.

3. Thompson arms omega .50 caliber black powder w/no scope.

I`m know the chances of me ever getting my guns back is very slim, but you never know.


Senior Member out club of over 25 years, was a little Winchester Model 70 Featherweight in .243. It was left overnight in one of the campers (the night before one of our members was coming to borrow it). Kinda' strange too, nothing else was taken, and no guns were EVER stored there before !
Sounds like an inside job. :huh:


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Man ya'll make me want to get a REAL gun safe, and throw out my old glass fronted one.....
Sure does scare me to think of someone stealing my guns. The safe gives me a warm and fuzzy, but, on a LEO's advice.........

I took digital pics of all my guns, then used my photo software (Adobe Photoshop) to label them with the serial numbers and other info (make/model caliber, scope make, #, etc.) Have hard copies to carry and saved on CD.
Great Idea! I have been meaning to do that.
Please add to the stolen list - 29May2009

The below were stolen from the Ladonia AL area the morning of 29May09

Ruger P85 9mm: 300-62697
Glock 22 .40 cal: END201US
Benelli Nova 12ga: Z111393; barrel V117533; has truglo adjustable sights epoxyed to the barrel. It's vent ribbed. Also, has thunderin gobbler turkey choke with it.
Winchester Mod 94AE 30-30: I do not have the s/n for this one, but I think I can find it. It's like new.

Any help would be appreciated.


Ruger Mini-30: 189-17178; the magazine is missing - recovered last Oct by Columbus GA Narcotics Div during a drug bust. I hope to get in back in a couple more months. It's needed as evidence in the trial.
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Two guns stolen in home break-in: Ithaca 20 ga. pump with improved cylinder and .32 Colt nickle-plated automatic pistol (got me through Vietnam as an MP). Neither is made now...sentimental value. DeKalb police have s/n's.
What if you were in an auto accident and the last person with your gun is an LE officers hand. Then when you are able to get around and go try to claim your weapon. Their reply "What weapon". Smith & Wesson Model 36 #CAD5094 missing since 08/95.
I thought they were supposed to be there to help...
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stolen firearms


good 3 weeks ago in rockdale county, between conyers and mcdonough, amber drive, my rooms where burgulared and this firearms are missing:

beretta 92 FS, 9mm luger, stainless slide/barrel, black frame, custom wood grips and swissbianco recoil buffer installed, serialnumber BER 502442

actual gun
actual gun with actual wood grips

glock 19, 9mm luger, with rail, serialnumber KUN 360

actual gun

german 1914 made luger, 9mm luger, serialnumber 3975

actual gun

FEG hungary R61 (walther ppk clone) 9mm makarov caliber, serialnumber C4343

actual gun

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part 2:

tschech made cz model 1945, nickel plated, 25 acp, serialnumber below the grip 6666

actual gun/holster is not stolen
same model but bright nickel finish

savage stevens pump action, 20 ga, was misused by criminals and now back by sutch, gun dont work well at all, matte black refinished, crude looking stock, no serialnumber on record
actual gun
crude stockwork

roem german made blanc fire revolver, size of an colt dedektive spl, cal 9mm blanc, no serialnumber on record
same model gun

jennings 9, used and refinished, slide matte black, frame matte olivegreen, 9mm luger, doublestack magazin, missing rear sight, serialnumber 1412856
actual gun prior refinish
simmilar gun with same refinish as the stolen one.

german emge/valor revolver, .22 long rifle, 6 shot, used, custom made wood grips, serialnumber > 9853

actual gun
detail custom wood grips

also there are 2 unique knives, dalton custom cutlery, one has an serialnumber and the other an unique engraving and there where say 20 pcs made that way.

actual knife, serialnumber DCC079

same knifemodel, my one is like this plus custom 2 tone blade finish, blasted/satin and highpolished button/screws

all this and more knives, gunmagazins, ammo where stolen by an burgulary and the police investigate in any direction.

infos to the whereabout of the listed arms are confidential and appreciated, roger at or send me an pm or directly to the police in rockdale county georgia.

the goal is to catch these who did that so nobody else has to suffer like i do. for reach this goal i ask you all for help, look for my belongings so we have an chance to catch and remove them from the streets.

Easy Way to Keep info

If anyone uses Microsoft Office and has "Access " installed I have a great easy user friendly data base template that keeps all my gun and home info, with photos and all details, i.e. scanned receipts, when and where purchased and location of item. Just hit me up and I will email it to you and walk you through getting it started. Greatest thing is that weekly I email it to me or when something cahnges and even if my computer gets stolen or God forbid my house burns down my info is there on my email server. It also serves as a insurance claim data base for household items.
ok.. this is probably a long shot. but im desperate. Ducktown 410 with removable stock. they stole the gun but left the stock. so it would have pistol grips now. Stole out of the hiawassee area during a burglary. probably being traded for drugs because all they stole was that gun and prescrp medication..


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UPDATE --------

KUDOS to the LAPD (yes Los Angeles) and to Suwanee PD.

My gun has been recovered by the LAPD.

We are working on getting back here so I can go claim it.

Stolen out of car.

S&W Sigma .40, 1 hi cap mag, Bianchi holster.

S/N RAY6342. Reported to Suwanee Police 10-31-09.
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