List your Missing/Stolen guns here


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Navy Arms "Harpers Ferry 58cal. Flintlock 1/2 stock w/ Brass patch Box, browned metal hardware

CVA Kentucky Longrifle 50cal Percussion, browned metal hardware

C. Sharps Business Rifle, 45-70, browned metal hardware, buckhorn style rear site, w/ blade front site.

Navy Arms Sharps 54 cal paper catridge, blued metal hardware w/ saddle ring on side lock.

Marlin 66 .22cal semi auto, blued metal hardware, wood stock, light walnut color

The low life ****** bag broke into my hunt'n cabin & stole my firearms. Pretty sad!

Richard P

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I dont believe the police have any interest in recovering your guns unless it is by accident. The same applies to stolen autos. The insurance companies treat the incident as a money matter. Whatever you have is yours only so long as you can protect it.


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stolen from the shop I work at in Henry County.

be on the look out for
a Browning BL 22 grade I with a Leupold 3x9x50. the huge scope would be a give away.
unsure of serial number

2nd Browning light 20 in fair condition invector choke tube 26" will have sn posted Wednesday.
Had a Kimber Ultra CDP II stolen out of my truck about 2 months ago in Paulding Co. Over $1,000 in custom work, VERY unique looking and has Wilson Combat teflon-coated mags. If it hasn't been shot, it'll be loaded with Hornady TAP ammo (black casings) SN# KYU-1999


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Stolen Custom 1911

This gun was taken from my house in Austell while Wifey and I were gone for a weekend in Nashville. 2 weeks before Christmas '08. Gun was reported; I even gave the Cobb Police a suspect. As far as I know he denied it and told the Inspector he was going to get a lawyer. No more to the investigation to my knowledge.

Gun was a custom-built 5" 1911. Colt Series '70 Mark IV slide and barrel on a Foster (Caspian blems) frame. Parkerized finish with coco bolo wood grips and integral extended mag well. I loved that gun and it ran like a hose.



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Well, a couple of worthless pieces of human trash decided to rob my parents house in Ooltewah, TN this morning. They made off with all of my mother's jewelry and some of my dad's guns. Thank God they didn't find his pistols or his riot gun but they made off with the following:

Mossberg 20 ga. pump shotgun
Marlin Glenfield Model 20 with a scratch on the side of the receiver
Marlin Model 30AW 30-30 with 3x9x32 Tasco scope Serial #07019937

I am going to try to get the serial number on the shotgun, but the 22 didn't have one. If anyone sees these guns or sees them offered on the forum, please let me know. I would like to have an "intervention" with these two. We know that it was two white males, one tall and skinny and one short and stocky driving a late model full size ford pickup with a diamond plate tool box.

first shot

I had a Glock 23 stolen out of my truck near Athens, GA a few years ago. Can't remember the exact date. Report was filed with Oconee County Sheriff.

Serial # is DZY 667.

I have better than a clue who did it, I just can't prove it. If I ever could, though...

He'd go to jail, but he might have to take the long way to get there!

I never leave my gun in the truck on the job anymore. It is always on my belt. Only one way to get it...


i had 5 guns stolen out of my home back in janruary.

-Marlin .22 mag tube fed
-knight 50cal black powder NWTF edition camo
-remington 870 express mag. wood stock
-remington 788 .308 with a bushnell banner scope
-century arms Yugo AK-47 with 2 30rd tapco mags
the only serial number i have is the ak-47, i'll have to find it an post it up.


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Stolen Kahr PM9 + 2 holsters

My car was broken into in my driveway in Norcross this morning and amongst other things, my Kahr PM9 was stolen-

9mm subcompact
Silver stainless slide, black polymer frame
7rd extended mag w/ pinky rest
8rds of Glaser Powerball
High Noon Holsters Bare Asset IWB holster w/ metal clip
Fobus plastic paddle holster
Factory day sights painted w/ hi-vis orange dot and post
S/N IA5249

Reward- umm... rifle machine work?

Jason Nixon
American Precision Arms
Jefferson, GA


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Sorry for the guys who lost their firearms. I hope them theives lose their is something else anyway. Im pretty sure they had or will have something bad coming to them.


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Recovered a stolen pistol this morning. Ruger new mdl Blackhawk stolen in Milledgeville in 2008. 2 currently in custody.


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Winchester Model 70 in 7mm-Mag black synthetic stock with a Nikon Prostaff 3x9x50 on top. And to the guy who kicked in my back door to steal it, you got 2 of my Glock 23 .40 cal mags but you left behind 2 as well. Please feel free to return at a time when we can meet and I'll give you the other two. STUPID PUNK!!!

Stolen September 20th 2010 from Rutledge, Ga.


colt cobra

colt cobra 38 blue s/n m81179 , wood grips . Left grip has about 1" piece missing behind trigger guard . stolen 2007 . Two other hand guns taken at the same time , they were recovered.


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Stolen Guns: .

Winchester Model 1892 SRC, 20" bbl, 99% original finish, 44 W.C.F., SN: 794934

Winchester Model 1892 SRC "Trapper", 16" bbl, 90% original finish, 44 W.C.F., SN: 944993

Guns stolen in 2002 after being shipped to Albany, Georgia gun dealer to be consigned to and sold at auction. Auction never happened and guns never returned. Secured Lawyer services at that time but, individual filed for bankruptcy. Had just about given up when a law enforcement officer friend told me to visit my local police department. Local police don't seem to want to be bothered and therefore, I am contacting the BATF (Georgia Division), in hopes of getting the serial numbers listed in their database. Also posting serial numbers here as listed above. Anyone having additional suggestions on how to continue to pursue this issue can kindly send me and/or post a message on what to do...thanks in advance.
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Didn't realize this site existed until today...a couple of years ago in Whigham,Georgia I had my Browning BLR .308 with camo covering on butt and forestock, plus a 3X9 scope stolen out of my Jeep...I still have thoughts that SOMEDAY it might be found.I'd be glad to pay a REWARD for it's return with NO questions asked...if it"s never returned I hope it BLOWS UP in the face of the scum that stole it!It was my first and favorite deer rifle!!!


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The following is a list of guns that were stolen from my home while my wife and I were helping mking funeral arrangement for my Grandfather in 1994....I have a hint who the thiefs were and were they live now....Each live in a cemetary 8 foot down....It going on 20 years and they have not surfaced....I am not holdin my breath for there return, but wish i could get them back....The 45/70 was my uncles and the 20 guage belonged to my Grandfather....The othere have been replace except for the 300 win Mag....I own a Savage, would like to get back the savage also....Any info would help....Steve Lee Parish....770-546-1002....

Cedartown, Georgia 30125
Polk County

1)--Ruger M-77....Serial#771-387423....Cal-300 Win Mag....Color-brown....Remarks: nikon scope....

2)--Marlin Winchester....Serial#--18073201....Cal--30-30....Color-Brown....Remarks--30622/Limited edition Bicentinial....

3)--Springfield....Serial--Unknown....Cal--45-70.....Breech Load....

4)--Mossberg 500 Pump Shotgun....Serial#L183758....Cal--12 Guage Pump....

5)--Model--Glenfield-Marlin....Serial#26580643....22 Cal....Remaks--bolt action....

6)--Modle--Winchester....Serial#--012979....Cal--20 Guage single shot
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Stolen from gulf shores /may 2011

Had my wifes S&W 642 .38 stolen from Sea Oats condominiums on West Beach Blvd some time around Memorial day 2011 from my vehicle.Was reported to Gulf Shores P.D. Thanks

serial # cnd 9449


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wish i had noticed this thread sooner. my house was broken into july 12th in mcduffie county. ruger 10/22 stainless with tapco tatical stock and simmons 50mm scope. serial number 25273890