Little Creek Bow Club Meriwether Full for 2020-21

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Little Creek Bow Club Meriwether County GA

We are an archery only club and this season the lease will be 1250 acres that has been managed for the last 13 years.

We have roughly 40 acres of food plots that range in size from about 1/10 acre to as big as 6 acres. I try and keep at least 50% of the plot acreage in clover, some perennial and some annual. I normally do 5-10 acres in brassica, this year we will be doing some spring plots with the hopes of keeping something growing in most all the plots year round.

On average we supplemental feed about 20 - 30 tons per year but we are going feed a little less this year to spend more money in the plots.

We will have 16 members this year and the dues will be $2700. This pays for the lease, insurance, supplemental feed, and all food plots.

We have a camp on the property and has power for campers there.

We have a 125" gross minimum for your first buck and a 140" gross minimum for your second with some pretty hefty fines for undersized bucks or a button buck.

We have done pretty well the last several years killing nearly 100 does total and have gotten our deer numbers back to a manageable point, in those same years we have killed about 30 or so bucks, ten or so of them have grossed in the 140's, ten to twelve more in the high 120's and 130's and a few were undersized and drew sizable fines. Live weight on the bucks that we have killed have ranged from 195-260 lbs. Average live weight on a mature doe here is in the 125-130 lb. range with out heaviest being a 158 lb. beast of a nanny.

When the archery issue of GON comes out in September this year 7 or 8 of the top 10 archery kills for Meriwether county will be either from our lease or the adjoining property, the entire area is some great hunting due to all of the management that goes on in the area.

We are an electric or foot traffic only property after August 1st every year. During the spring and summer trucks and atv's may be used for scouting but after August 1st the only gas vehicles allowed are for club work, planting, feeding etc.

We have a terrific group of hunters here so we are going to be very selective about who we add. If you are law abiding, courteous, no drama archery hunter and are interested in chasing some good Georgia deer and hunting with a great group for the 2020-21 season we may be a fit for you.

Anyone who is interested will be interviewed by current LC members to see if everyone thinks that you are "a fit". If you are interested in seeing the property or have questions feel free to give me a call or shoot me a text.


David Helmly

Here are some of our buck kills:

2019 Kills are on post #299.








DSC_5106.jpg DSC_5113.jpg DSC_5116.jpg

And one that I had at 25 yds and couldn't close the deal on...



IMG_6139.jpg IMG_6160.jpg

Update 12-23-19

Since Photobucket dumped all of the pictures from non paying users I lost most of the pictures on this thread and with the new forum I couldn't go back and add again what was deleted, I went thru pictures from the club and picked out some from every year and made a slide show of them since I don't know of another way to add them back to this original page. I don't reallt like it but it's a glimpse from the past years.

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That little lady has been slaying some bucks!
Yes she has and as DoubleRR said she works very hard at it, that elderly man with glasses in those kill pics has done pretty well the last few years too! :cheers::cheers::cheers:


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The glasses are just to disguise my true identity...I am always leaving them in phone booths...;)
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First sheds of 2013

After checking cameras on Sunday we noticed a buck we call "Energizer" had shed both sides already. He shed early last year too so we started looking and within about 30 minutes Cindy found both sides. With a 17" spread he would gross around 144". Some of you may recognize him from of our early season MW videos, we have a lot of history with him!!

Pic from MW video in Oct.

I have hunted this property and can say it has some very nice deer on it, and some great people in the club. This lease is also surrounded by like minded hunters managing for mature deer which helps this club. Great opportunity to arrow a mature buck.


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I will agree 100%....if your serious about bowhunting some nice bucks in Georgia and being around some nice folks at the same time...this club/lease is for you!
If you are a serious bowhunter looking to hunt a lease with big whitetails you need to see what we have to offer! Our entire lease is beautiful but the new tract that we picked up this year is the best looking piece we have!!


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It is going to be some nice weather this weekend...I will be glad to show our property me if your interested...(770)780-8916
Thats a lot of $$$$ for a 300 yard private spot and then you cant shoot any does untill after thanksgiving, but the kids can gun hunt ,. sorry thats not bow only If there Guns 2 ! good luck with that . Remember this Is Ga not Ill or kansas
Thats why when my kids got big enough to hold on to me i started taking them up in the stand,two out of three still love to hunt,three of my grand kids hunt one by herself an two just starting so they have to hunt with grad pa or mom an dad,in a couple more years it will be time to start my two grate grandsons can't wate.